Teen Charged In Stabbing Blogged About Weapon

A Massachusetts high school student discussed his activities and dreams about emulating characters in Grand Theft Auto on his MySpace site months before the attack.
A 16-year-old Massachusetts high school student charged with stabbing a schoolmate to death discussed on MySpace his pleasure at being able to buy a hunting knife. In the same blog, he also expressed his fear that he might act violently.

John Odgren is charged with stabbing a 15-year-old schoolmate Jan. 19 in a bathroom at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School in suburban Boston.

Odgren discussed his feelings in his MySpace blog on Sept. 2, 2006 -- the day after his 16th birthday. Odgren wrote: "I can finally legally drive and buy hunting knives in Massachusetts. Of course, in both categories I'm rather hesitant as I'm nervous I might begin to channel Tommy Vercetti while I'm in the process of doing either thing."

Tommy Vercetti is a fictional character in the video game series Grand Theft Auto. The character and the nature of the game have been criticized for their violence. The Federal Trade Commission has been petitioned by Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y, and others to take action to restrict access to the game by teenagers.

In his blog, Odgren discusses his activities and dreams. "I'm eccentric, rather smart (if I may say so myself), quirky, and I have a rather odd sense of humor. I'm about 6-2, have brown hair and eyes, and I wear glasses."

Sounding like a typical teenager, he continued that he writes, plays with Legos, and likes to watch TV and movies.

Odgren's blog entries were publicly disclosed Tuesday by the MetroWest Daily News, which noted that Odgren logged onto MySpace on Jan. 19, the day of the murder. While Odgren didn't disclose his name on his Web page, a search for "Odgren" produces his page and MySpace name "Jack."

Currently being held without bail at a juvenile center in Massachusetts, Odgren is scheduled to appear in court later this week for a hearing on the status of his case.

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