The Future of the ERP Suite

The Future of the ERP Suite explains why the current concept of a single vendor ERP suite that also includes non-ERP apps such as CRM or SCM, is about to undergo a major transformation. Users demand for more finely grained automation of real-world business processes (best-of-breed apps) combined with industry standards based service oriented architectures will require ERP suite vendors to replace their suites with fine grained business process catalogs.
537 business and technology managers at Fortune 1000, Government and mid-market organizations spent about an hour each supplying Peerstone analysts with detailed information about their ERP Suites.

Peerstone Research's The Future of the ERP Suite explains how the single-vendor extended ERP suites has become effectively obsolete for reasons that could not have been anticipated at the time they were conceived in the late 1990's. The Future of the ERP Suite covers:

  • History of the ERP Suite
  • Snapshots of SAP, PeopleSoft and Oracle suites
  • ERP customers said they don't really buy suites (core or extended)
  • Suites are not cheaper than best-of-breed
  • The future of ERP architecture
  • SOA will lower integration barriers of proprietary architectures
  • Business Process Catalogs replace suites
  • Suite vendors role in Business Process Catalogs
  • Users win with best-of-breed applications and controllable implementation costs

    Use this report to better understand the impact that de facto industry standards (J2EE, .net, web services, XML), service oriented architectures, users demands for best-of-breed applications will have on both leading ERP suite vendors and best-of-breed vendors.

    Buy this report to help make sound enterprise software vendor selections plus validate your organizations ERP Suite, best-of-breed, application integration strategies.

    Pages: 51

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