U.S. Open Fans Can Track Federer, Williams On Beefed Up Site

IBM has enhanced with real-time results, video-on-demand, and tools that allow fans to track their favorite players throughout the tennis tournament.
IBM has enhanced the U.S. Open Web site so users can track their favorite players through the two-week tennis tournament that kicked off Monday in New York.

Using new personalization tools, fans can tap to keep tabs on players like Roger Federer, Venus Williams, Raphael Nadal, and other stars. The site lets them select up to five players to track through the tournament. will serve up stats, news, match results, and other information on the pre-selected players, according to IBM.

Additionally, the new SlamTracker application embedded into the Web site provides real-time results on all in-progress matches, schedule updates, and a venue map that allows users to mouse over individual courts at the U.S. Tennis Center to see who is playing. also features enhanced video-on-demand for the 2007 tournament. Five daily broadband shows, along with live press conferences and other events, will be broadcast over the site. After each match, IBM reps will give players DVDs assembled from the broadcast footage so they can analyze their performance.

In many cases, the information available to the public on will be drawn from the same data that tournament officials will use to monitor matches, track players' serve speeds, and review line calls. IBM staffers will feed the data into a Viper DB2 9 database, from which it can be recalled in real time by U.S. Open personnel.

More than 1,500 journalists from around the world will use an Intranet version of the site to gather match information for their stories.

IBM is hosting the site, which it helped design in partnership with the U.S. Tennis Association. IBM has held a longstanding technology partnership with the USTA.