Wikipedia Tightens Rules For Posting

After an article incorrectly linked the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy to a former administrative assistant, Wikipedia no longer accepts new submissions from anonymous contributors.
The new procedure, however, would not help in identifying the person, since contributors are not required to give their name or other identifying information. The assumption is that people who register first will want to maintain credibility.

"It's a reputation mechanism as opposed to a gatekeeper," Wales said. "We (at Wikipedia) talk about accountability over gatekeeping."

In a separate incident, Adam Curry, credited with developing the technology that helped launch podcasting, acknowledged changing Wikipedia's history on podcasting to remove the name of Kevin Marks, who was also credited with helping to launch the new form of Internet broadcasting.

The former MTV VJ apologized on his blog for removing references to Marks, a software engineer who contributed podcasting technologies.

"I apologize to Kevin Marks for my history of removing this fact on WikiPedia," Curry said. "I really believed this was untrue."

Wales acknowledged that Wikipedia has its flaws, but stood by the online encyclopedia's open approach to developing content.

"We've always said that Wikipedia is a work in progress, and it's our goal to be as good as (Encyclopedia) Britannica across the board," Wales said.

For now, however, there are some topics Wikipedia covers very well, such as technology, while others are weaker, such as content on the humanities, Wales said. Nevertheless, he insists that the quality of information is steadily improving, and "we expect that process to continue in the future."