Win98 WinAlign: WMAlign.bat

If you've read The Expert's Guide to Windows 98 WinAlign, the WinAlign Frequently Asked Questions, and WinAlign How-To, you're ready to align some files for maximum performance! Download, our free program code alignment tool, and follow the instructions here. (Recommended for experienced users only)
WMAlign messages
Can't find file filename in current directory, skipping file!
You entered a file name on the command line that isn't in the current directory. Probably a typing error.

File filename exists in c:\windows\system already, skipping file!
There is currently a file in the Windows System directory with the same name as the file you are trying to align. Since the WAlign.exe program that WMAlign uses can only align files that are in the Windows System directory, this file could not be aligned.

Done, see the file WMAlign.txt for details.
WMAlign is done, and you can see the output of WAlign.exe in the file WMAlign.txt. See the WinAlign How-To for details on the information found in this file.

Un-aligning files
If you encounter a problem running an application you have aligned, you should restore the file from the backup that WMAlign made for you before it started. The backups of all the files are kept in a directory named UNALIGN under the current directory. So, if you had run WMAlign in the directory C:\AOL40 you would find backups of the original files in the directory C:\AOL40\UNALIGN.

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