Windows-To-Linux Migrations, Made Easy

If you're ready to make the leap from Windows to Linux, these two migration tools make it far more likely that you'll enjoy a soft landing.
Clearly, both Progression Desktop and CrossOver Office represent a major step forward for Windows users who want to migrate to Linux without disrupting their usual routines or giving up their favorite desktop applications. It's important to remember, of course, that these tools cannot completely solve the Windows-to-Linux migration puzzle: many users, for example, still face serious problems getting their PC hardware to work seamlessly (or sometimes to work at all) with a particular Linux distro. Nevertheless, these products will simplify the transition process for most Windows users, and make it relatively easy for many of them -- and they are very likely to win over quite a few new desktop Linux users who might otherwise never kick the Windows habit.

Progression Desktop 1.2.3
Versora Software

CrossOver Office 5.0.1
Standard Edition


If you're ready to make the jump from Windows to Linux, or even if you just want to dip your toe into the Open Source waters, Progression Desktop 1.2.3 and CrossOver 5.0.1 are likely to make life a lot easier.

Progression Desktop 1.2.3: Enables users to move their Windows settings, email, files, and other personal data to a Linux desktop system; works with most of the leading desktop Linux distros.

CrossOver 5.0.1 Standard Edition: Bridges the Linux "app gap," giving desktop Linux users the ability to run a number of popular Windows-based software titles.

The bottom line: Neither application is perfect; CrossOver Office, in particular, may stumble when installing supported applications, and it may not officially support a user's favorite Windows software. Nevertheless, both products work well enough, and often enough, to give Windows users a lot of help making a smooth desktop Linux migration.