10 Hardest IT Jobs to Fill

If you’re an IT leader or tech manager struggling to hire for one of these positions, you’re not alone. If you’re an IT professional with experience in these roles, you’re in luck.
Hiring neon sign - Glowing Neon Sign on brickwall wall
developer at computer
software architect at computer
software developer coding user interface or UX program code on computer at night
A person sitting at a desk with a computer with a cloud over his head, symbolizing the integration of cloud computing
Female scientist using digital tablet with graphical electronic circuit projection
Software Developer Using Transparent Computer Screen At Office
Young female software engineer verifying and deploying programs and systems
Project Manager Using Agile Software In Office
Data scientist , big data , AI, machine learning technology concept. Silhouette glasses in front of laptop screen
Young contemporary cyber security manager typing while sitting by desk in front of computer monitors
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