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Global CIO: Business Technology Meets The Sports Pages

Imagine an industry with team standings, an executive draft, high-profile agents, and a high commissioner to enforce the rules.
Paging Mark Cuban
No, no, no. If we're going to have a High Commissioner, we need someone who is universally respected, someone who has made so much money he is above reproach, someone with a great sense of balance, someone who is cool under pressure. We need ... Mark Cuban.

"Cuban Fines Software Associates $25 Million For Protesting Ruling Of SEC"

"Cuban Suspends Ballmer For 3 Quarters"

"Cuban Overturns Jury Ruling On Bernie Ebbers, Reinstates Him With Back Pay"

Now everyone knows that you can't have a major program without sponsors, so we could easily have someone like the Yankees put their name on the Googleplex. "Yankee Stadium" has a nice ring to it.

Of course, nothing is more important than the annual draft, which will be televised on ESBN, a new station.

"Facebook takes Ahmad Gupta from Carnegie Mellon in the first round; Twitter trades down for two MIT computer science grads; YouPorn gets Stanford MBA and a Web designer to be named later."

Topps will have a special line of trading cards. I have a John Akers from his rookie year at IBM, which I will give up only for a mint condition Eric Schmidt in a Sun uniform.

Instead of a Hall of Fame, we could have a Hall of Shame -- those techies who are now wearing orange jumpsuits or who are unindicted co-conspirators or who played fast and loose with stock options.

You know who you are. And you will be hearing from High Commissioner Mark Cuban in the morning.

GlobalCIO Howard Anderson, founder of Yankee Group and co-founder of Battery Ventures, is currently the William Porter Professor of Entrepreneurship at MIT. He can be reached at [email protected].

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