Hiring, Budget Concerns Top Of Mind For IT Leaders In 2016

An annual survey of IT leaders, including CIOs, vice presidents, directors, and hiring managers, reveals some of the biggest trends and challenges they expect to face in 2016.
Confidence Slightly Down
Confidence Low In New Initiatives
IT Is Losing Control Of The Technology Budget
Biggest Challenges
Top Business Objectives
Biggest Impacts
Security Top Budget Gainer
Hiring Outlook Good
Raises Expected, But They're Going To Be Small
Hardest Talent To Find

The 2016 Annual IT Forecast from IT staffing firm TEKsystems released earlier this month shows a mixed bag of good news and bad news for IT leaders, including CIOs, vice presidents, directors, and hiring managers. The good news: They feel fairly confident that they can meet business needs, and they're looking to add talent to their organizations. The bad news: They're losing more control of tech spending, and they're worried about meeting the challenges of new projects.

TEKsystems, which has released its forecast for the past four years, surveys IT leaders on major topics affecting their departments and their role as leaders. This year, the company polled more than 500 IT leaders in the US and Canada in multiple industries at companies ranging in size from less than $50 million to more than $10 billion in annual revenue.

The respondents, which included CIOs, vice presidents, directors, and hiring managers, were polled in Oct. 2015 via an online survey. Each of the past four studies included a different random sampling of leaders from the TEKsystems database. While there may have been some overlap, the studies did not survey the exact same group each year.

Still, by asking similar questions every year, TEKsystems can offer a long view of the attitudes and challenges of IT leaders and new trends these CIOs, vice presidents, directors, and hiring managers need to worry about in the near future. For the latest study, respondents were asked about their biggest challenges, budgets, and priorities for 2016. They were also asked about talent acquisition and hiring outlooks.

Take a look at 10 insights from this latest report to see the priorities and challenges IT leaders are anticipating for the coming year and then share your impressions in the comments.

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