InformationWeek to Upgrade Site Design, Performance

Improvements will make site easier to navigate, faster, and more functional

Get ready! InformationWeek will start looking different to visitors in the days ahead -- and we couldn’t be more excited!

In an effort to improve our readers’ experience, InformationWeek is launching a broad initiative to improve the design, navigation, functionality, and performance of our entire site. In the coming months, you’ll see and experience a variety of site enhancements, including new page design, navigation tools, links to related content, and other capabilities across the InformationWeek site. Most importantly, you’ll notice an improvement in response with faster load speeds. We hope that these upgrades will make it easier for you to find the IT leadership news and information you need, and also access InformationWeek’s content on mobile devices more effectively.

If you’re a loyal reader of InformationWeek, you’ll see the same great news, commentary, and in-depth information, just with a new look and feel. Our pages will be better organized, easier to read, and will load faster. You’ll see new navigation elements that make it easier to find the stories you’re looking for. And you’ll experience better organization of our various content offerings, including webinars, virtual events, video, original research, white papers, and newsletters.

Once we complete our transition later this year, we promise a seamless and higher quality experience for all of our site visitors. Should you encounter an occasional glitch along the way, or even if your experience is flawless, we’d love to hear from you about our new design and features. Some of our content will offer a survey, which we hope you’ll answer, or you can write us an email at [email protected].

In the meantime, enjoy the new look and feel! We welcome your feedback and thank you for your loyalty!

Brian Gillooly

Editor-in-Chief, InformationWeek

@briangillooly on Twitter

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