This Year In IT: More Comedy Than Tragedy

InformationWeek's Fritz Nelson takes the InformationWeek 500 conference audience through some of the ups, downs, and downright flops that we saw from major tech vendors in 2011.
You may have heard about this...a couple of months ago, fake Apple stores started appearing in China. Of course, here in America we just call them Microsoft stores.

Ah, ain't it grand when life just hands you fresh fodder? When lawsuits, cat fights, and competitive swipes don't fuel angst, but a bit of release, laughter, levity? Whether it's Microsoft Kinect causing bodily injury, the irony of Larry Ellison sitting on a jury trial as foreman, the Pope tweeting, Oracle suing everyone, VMWare jacking up its prices only to have to respond to customer anger, patent wars, or President Obama gathering technology CEOs for a dinner, there's more comedy than tragedy.

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Each year at our annual InformationWeek 500 awards ceremony, I kick things off with my own attempt at a monologue, riffing on some of the news from the year so far. See our video below.

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