CIO Certifications To Advance Your Career

Today's IT leaders need business skills, including management, governance, and strategy, plus tech know-how. Here are six types of certifications that can help advance your organization and your career.
Enterprise IT Architect
Big Data and Analytics
Project Management
Academic Programs For CIOs

As a CIO in today's enterprise IT environment, you likely feel as if you need to be a jack of all trades, and a master of as many as possible.

Not only do you need to be a technology expert, you also need to act as an inspirer, innovator, market analyst, data scientist, and overall business manager. In order to be at the top of the game, you need insight into day-in, day-out functions, as well as a solid understanding of basic business operations. Oh, and did we mention that you also have to be an expert in your organization's prevailing technologies, up to speed on upcoming market trends and technologies, and able to judge what would suit your organization best?

Certifications are a way to prove your ability, even as you continue to make strategic decisions on the job. A certification could also be a differentiating factor for your career, as they are considered a mark of excellence and objective proof of credibility. A certification in any relevant domain, including analytics, compliance, or management skills, could improve your career advancement opportunities within your current organization -- or give you the extra boost you need to nail down a new job.

Many CIO certification programs have emerged in the past few years. Depending upon your capabilities and ambition the certifications we're featuring here could help you advance, and provide benefits to the organization you work for. This is by no means meant to be a comprehensive list, but rather a starting point for you to consider opportunities for continued education. After you've reviewed the options, let us know in the comments section below whether you've gone for any of these programs -- or if you've tried others that have helped your career.

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