Global CIO: A 10-Point Plan For Success In 2009

Pat the CIO offers his pointed plan to achieve better ways of operating, calling it a comprehensive plan that needs support to succeed.
9. In a similar vein, I need your support in allowing me to create new, flexible, and outcome-driven compensation and bonus systems for many people in the IT organization whose efforts are indispensable to helping drive the types of fundamental change you and I both agree are needed for this company to fulfill its objectives.

These new incentive plans need to be based on deep and quantifiable collaboration with all parts of this organization; new metrics centered on effective engagement with customers and prospects; new ways of walking in lockstep with the LOBs to enhance business and customer value; and precise and measurable impacts on new approaches that will allow us to cut maintenance costs beyond 60% this year to 45% or even 40% next year. But, once again, the HR people are very nice and sympathetic and say all the right things, but at the end of the day -- and the end of the month and the end of the year -- I've still got people doing 2009-level work but getting paid on 1995 models. Help me fix this, Jim.

10. Let me reiterate that I am very grateful for the candor you expressed in your review of my performance, and in the same spirit, you have earned the right to get the same level of candor from me. So let me say that I have no fear of being fired: if that's what you feel is best for this company, then you should do that. On the other hand, if you are willing to help me help the company by supporting the initiatives I have proposed and you have agreed to, then we have the opportunity, together, to drive enormous change within this company that will yield benefits far beyond the reduction of maintenance costs to 60% (although that in itself is surely a worthy goal).

In concert with you and Susan the CFO and all of the other top executives, let's commit to remaking this company in 2009 into one that always says, "What's the right thing to do?" instead of "That's not how we do things." Let's reward risk-taking and innovation and start rooting out status-quo thinking. Let's work with customers to create what they want and need, instead of trying to trick them into buying what we happen to be making. Let's stop talking about what we need to do and start doing it -- and the first step down that path is for you to give me the support I need from you as CEO to accomplish the first nine items on this list. Thanks for your time and I look forward to a superb meeting with you next week.

With excitement and commitment, Pat

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