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TSA Promises Privacy For Clothing-Penetrating Scans

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InformationWeek Daily - Friday, Oct 12, 2007

Editor's Note

Time To Break Out The 'Prove It' Pins Again, Mr. Szulik?

Red Hat CEO Matthew Szulik is not known for avoiding conflicts that threaten his company. So how much longer will it be before he unleashes his legal team to defend against Microsoft's patent accusations in the same way he railed against SCO Group's copyright claims?

I have this bright red pin hanging in my cubicle with the phrase "Prove It!" boldly plastered across the middle. It's a trinket I saved from 2003. That summer, SCO Group began talking loudly in the press that Linux-based companies should be forewarned: They were at risk of Unix copyright infringement -- similar to the claims SCO made against IBM

After a few months of airing out each other's dirty laundry and brandishing legal threats, Szulik had enough and laid down the gauntlet. The result was a seven-count complaint filed in Delaware asking SCO to back off its accusations. Red Hat lawyers asked the courts for a permanent injunction holding SCO accountable for what Szulik called "unsubstantiated innuendo and rumor."

The straw that broke, Szulik said, was a SCO conference call to investors suggesting that Red Hat created an "atmosphere of fear, doubt, and uncertainty about Linux." Almost immediately, Szulik took up the mantle for Red Hat, SuSE (before Novell), and the other distributions.

"For the past two months, we have listened to these unfounded claims," Szulik said back in August 2003. "We've been patient. We've listened. But when our customers and the whole open source community are threatened with innuendo and rumor, it's time to act. Our goal is to find out the truth. Our suggestion to SCO is to 'prove it.' "

Out went the red buttons. Red Hat's general counsel at the time, Mark Webbink, filed the paperwork. The courts heard both sides. The campaign cost Red Hat time and money, but SCO's claims have been largely overturned in federal district court.

Sound vaguely familiar? Microsoft has done its share of saber rattling around Linux recently. CEO Steve Ballmer has repeatedly claimed that Microsoft IP is found in Linux. "People [who] use Red Hat, at least with respect to our intellectual property, in a sense have an obligation to eventually compensate us," Ballmer said at a Microsoft event last week in London.

What do you think? Should Linux users be worried about Microsoft's threats? To read more of my analysis about parallels between Microsoft's and SCO's Linux offensives, and leave your $0.02, visit the _InformationWeek_ Blog.

Michael Singer

Quote of The Day

"A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds." -- Sir Francis Bacon

Top Stories

TSA Promises Privacy For Subjects Of Clothing-Penetrating Scans

The millimeter wave scanning system being tested at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport can see through clothing to detect weapons, explosives, and other objects.

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Motorola's New Phone Lineup Includes 18K Gold Snakeskin Razr 2

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Chinese Internet Censorship Machine Revealed

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Sony Ericsson Introduces Three Mobile Phones In Time For Holiday Sales

The company hopes the phones, which boast advanced multimedia, camera, and e-mail features, will boost sales in the fourth quarter.

Google Opens San Francisco Office In Former Coffee Building

Instead of busing to the Googleplex, local engineers can save anywhere from an hour to two hours a day that would have otherwise been spent on the road.

U.S. Health Dept. Picks Companies To Test National Health Information Highway

Nine regional health information networks were awarded $22.5 million in contracts to begin trials on exchanging health data.

Skype Co-Founder Admits eBay Paid Too Much

Niklas Zennstrom reveals Skype's growth trajectory was probably "front-loaded," but the company nevertheless was growing at a satisfactory rate before he left.

IBM 'Gas Gauge' Monitors Mainframe Energy Usage

IBM has added a mainframe gas gauge to more than 1,000 z9s deployed since May 11 to monitor energy usage and cooling statistics.

Sprint And LG Unveil A Messaging Powerhouse Called 'Rumor'

The $80 QWERTY handset addresses voice, entertainment, and data needs -- including text messaging, IM, e-mail, and social networking.

IBM Teams With Second Life To Build Portable Avatars

The companies will work together to develop standards that would allow online Web users to move their digital personas seamlessly across virtual environments like Second Life and other 3-D worlds.

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Splashtop: Embedded Linux For Your Motherboard
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Extend The Battery Life Of Your N95 By Skipping 3G For EDGE
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iPhone Dev Team Claims 1.1.1 Hack
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Phenom And Penryn Quad-Cores Coming For Christmas
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