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Edge Networking for Crisis Response

by Chatsworth Products, Inc.Jul 06, 2020

In unprecedented times, when factors beyond your control can disrupt supply chains and intensify the need for reliable, scalable and easily accessible network connectivity delivered fast, it's more important than ever to work with a manufacturer you can trust.

Chatsworth Products (CPI) knows what it takes to meet mission-critical project requirements at the edge on time, on budget and at scale. That includes manufacturing our full line of RMR® Industrial Enclosures from one of

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Extending the Network Into Nontraditional Spaces: An Enclosure Selection Guide for IT Systems Administrators That Support IoT

by Chatsworth Products, Inc.Jul 06, 2020

This white paper, by Chatsworth Products (CPI), will help you understand the basics of specifying equipment enclosures for nontraditional spaces such as warehouses, manufacturing floors and outdoors.

  • Chatsworth Products, Inc.
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Customer Case Study: Omada Health and ZenGRC

by ReciprocityJul 02, 2020

Omada Health, one of the largest digital healthcare companies in the world, needed to meet stringent personal health information (PHI) standards that spreadsheets just couldn't keep up with.

Download this case study to learn how Omada Health:

• Became the first digital health company to achieve certification with a number of security frameworks (including SOC 2)
• Manages the risks and vulnerabilities associated with vendors
• Stays compliant with

  • Reciprocity
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State of Artificial Intelligence | 2020 Edition

by InteropJul 02, 2020

Where are today's organizations when it comes to actual implementation of artificial intelligence? What are some of the top use cases? How does your enterprise compare with others, in general, and in your industry? InformationWeek, together with Interop and ITPro Today surveyed hundreds of IT professionals to answer these questions and more. Download the 2020 State of AI report to learn more about how organizations are using AI.

Why Videoconference Recordings May Be Your Next Big Security Risk

by PanoptoJul 01, 2020

Every day sensitive information is shared in millions of video conference sessions. For convenience and reference, more individuals are recording these sessions. While video conferencing solutions offer rich recording capabilities, almost all provide minimal playback and sharing experiences. This drives many individuals to download and then share the recording through public sharing services like Dropbox and Youtube, neither of which meet organizational security and privacy standards.

  • Video Conferencing / Telepresence
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Vendor Risk Management: Why Your Business Needs It

by ReciprocityJul 01, 2020

While the risks of vendors are not new to most CISOs, our current business environment has expanded those risks dramatically.

This e-book will explore:

• First, why are vendor risks proliferating--why now, and where do they come from?
• Second, what steps are necessary to manage vendor risks?
• Third, how can CISOs and compliance officers implement those steps in a practical way, so you don't spend all your time chasing vendors with risk management

  • Reciprocity
  • Risk Management
  • Security Management & Analytics
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5 Ways to Get Started with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

by Dell Technologies and IntelJul 01, 2020

The time to get started with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is now. Organizations across industries -- as well as your competitors, suppliers and partners -- are using the technologies to automate their processes, augment existing capabilities, and improve operations. All the while, they are transforming key functions such as sales and marketing, risk mitigation, supply chain management, and manufacturing. Are you ready to get started? Download this report for five main

  • Dell Technologies and Intel
  • Virtualization
  • Data centers
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Special Report: Computing's New Normal, a Dark Reading Perspective

by Dark ReadingJul 01, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic created new models of computing almost literally overnight.

This special report examines how IT security organizations have adapted to this "new normal" of computing and what the long-term effects will be. Read the report and get a unique set of perspectives on issues ranging from new threats and vulnerabilities as a result of remote working to how enterprise security strategy will be affected long term.The information submitted is collected by both Informa Tech

  • Dark Reading
  • Cybersecurity
  • Security Management & Analytics
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IT Automation: Scaling to the Future

by Juniper NetworksJun 30, 2020

Increasingly, IT organizations are deploying technologies that take manual work out of the picture and replace them with processes that automate network and systems control. In this Network Computing Webinar, our experts will examine the layers of automation and orchestration in IT operations, and how they can provide high availability and greater scale for modern applications and business demands.

The Threat From the Internet – and What Your Organization Can Do About It

by CyCognitoJun 30, 2020

For most enterprises, the increasing use of the Internet has created new business opportunities, greater efficiencies, and a green field for innovation. But growing use of the Internet is also increasing the risk of cyber attack. In recent years, online attackers have launched a wide range of Internet-borne attacks, ranging from DDoS to DNS-based exploits to infiltration of commercial websites. And with the world relying more heavily on Web-based communications during the COVID-19 pandemic, new