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Cloud Sprawl: It’s Worse Than You Think

by Expanse, Inc.Dec 05, 2019

Organizations today are blind to how many assets they have in the cloud. Many assume they're only in the three major cloud providers (Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure). But in practice, most organizations are in ten or more providers. And if you don?t know about all of your cloud instances, you can?t secure them appropriately. Join us on December 5th to learn how to get complete visibility into your cloud infrastructure with the Expanse Internet

Threat & Performance Management: 2 Key Data Sources

by Viavi SolutionsDec 04, 2019

Many of us show up for work on Monday and immediately find ourselves immersed in the analysis of possible threats or performance problems. Much like a scavenger hunt, sometimes the information we?re looking for is close by, even obvious *if* you know where and how to look. You need the right view of suspicious behavior, and end-user experience, in order to validate the issue, understand the scope and impact, and isolate the problem domain. Learn about how you can use two well known, but often

Know Thyself: Cyber Threat Intelligence Gathering Inside Your Organization

by Anomali, Inc.Dec 04, 2019

Some of the most important threat intelligence resides right inside your own organization. What can you learn by taking a closer look at your SIEM, internal telemetry, user lists, and other sources? In this webinar, learn about the tools that can help your internal threat intelligence gathering and how these efforts could help you detect attackers? lateral movement, disrupt ransomware and protect endpoint devices.

Third-Party Cyber Risk Management 101 Guide

by CyberGRXDec 04, 2019

Implementing an efficient, effective third-party cyber risk management (TPCRM) program is essential to securing your organization's cyber ecosystem by tracking, avoiding, and minimizing the risks that your organization is exposed to.

Get your guide to learn:
• What is TPCRM and why does it matter?
• 6 steps to launching a TPCRM program
• How to streamline and strengthen your TPCRM program

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Enterprise IoT: Rise of the Unmanaged Devices

by Armis, Inc.Dec 03, 2019

By 2021, up to 90% of devices in businesses will be unmanaged and IoT devices - with no security. Which is why attacks on these devices are up 300% in 2019 alone. Join Armis, the leading enterprise IoT security company, along with IBM Security Services, to see real-life scenarios of these new unmanaged devices - from enterprise to healthcare to manufacturing.

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WorkSpace Connect webinar test

by Ribbon Communications Inc.Nov 29, 2019

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WorkSpace Connect Test Webinar SD

by Ribbon Communications Inc.Nov 29, 2019

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Securing Real-Time Communications for Dummies Book

by Ribbon Communications Inc.Nov 27, 2019

The proliferation of real-time communications — voice over IP (VoIP) and unified communications (UC) — and the widespread and rapidly growing availability of surreptitious tools for intercepting IP packets and cracking code, make it increasingly easy for attackers to target enterprises. These malicious attacks may cover a wide range such as: denial of service, toll fraud, identity theft, call hijacking, exfiltration to steal information, etc. Firewalls are designed to protect data

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Heavy Reading Data Analytics

by Ribbon Communications Inc.Nov 27, 2019

The telecom industry is in the midst of transformation to deliver better customer satisfaction scores, to more quickly deliver new service offers, and to achieve greater cost efficiency. The key to delivering on these transformation goals is data analytics. For example, operators need analytic insights to figure out if their customers are satisfied — and if not, why not? Similarly, to understand what new service offerings operators should launch, they need high quality marketing analytics.

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Contact Center AI: Fireside Chat

by Google Inc.Nov 25, 2019

Google announced in July 2018 that it would build contact center-specific artificial intelligence solutions, working with contact center software partners. Since then, the market has been hungry for information on what capabilities are being designed, what partners Google is working with, and how customers are deploying the new contact center AI solutions. For the latest and greatest in contact center AI, Enterprise Connect has created a do-not-miss event ? a conversation with Google