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Miercom Report: Huawei's CloudEngine 12800 Data Center Switch

by Huawei Enterprise USAAug 24, 2012

The Huawei CloudEngine 12800 series data center switches met the requirements of high performance, large capacity, interoperability, and high availability in recent testing by Miercom, a major networking testing and certification consultancy.

With the ever-increasing demand for cloud networking traffic loads, it is imperative to have excellent throughput, strong latency, and robust energy efficiency. The CloudEngine 12800 data center series switches (CE12800) excelled in all those

Miercom Report: Huawei S5700-LI Series Switches

by Huawei Enterprise USAAug 24, 2012

Miercom, a major networking testing and certification consultancy, recently awarded Huawei their Performance Verification Award for the S5700-LI series of Gigabit Ethernet (GE) switches. These GE switches were honored for their forwarding performance, advanced features, interoperability, resilient architecture, and energy efficiency.

The S5700-LI series GE switches (S5700-LI) are next-generation energy-saving switches developed to meet the demand for high-bandwidth access and Ethernet

Miercom Report on Huawei's AR Series Routers

by Huawei Enterprise USAAug 24, 2012

Find out why Miercom, a major networking testing and certification consultancy, awarded Huawei's AR Series Routers their coveted Performance Verification Award. Miercom was impressed with the routers' high marks in access and interconnection capabilities.

These routers provide a rich set of functions including routing, switching, voice, security, and wireless capabilities while also supporting plug-and-play configuration and deployments using a USB flash drive.

Their key

The Future of Enterprise Networks

by Huawei Enterprise USAAug 19, 2012

The vision of having one global communications network that covers the earth and allows anyone to get access to any information anytime, anywhere, and on any device is closer today than ever.

However, fulfilling that vision has its issues.

Cloud computing has led to a large-scale integration of information resources across the globe. We are living in a world where everything ? from smartphones to tablets to buildings, cars and appliances ? is connected to the Internet.

Interop Spring 2012 NOC (Network Operations Center)
Case Study

by Huawei Enterprise USAAug 07, 2012

The massive growth of mobile devices, internet users, video streaming and cloud-based business is causing an IP traffic explosion. Ten-gigabit Ethernet (10GE) port shipments will grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 45.2% in the next five years (as forecasted by Gartner).

Huawei's end-to-end 10GE enterprise network solution was highly successful in meeting the demands of the Spring Interop 2012 NOC (Network Operations Center). Huawei delivered a reliable, secure,

Huawei Enterprise Value Proposition

by Huawei Enterprise USAAug 07, 2012

In a world where innovation and business requirements evolve at ever faster rates, enterprises are looking for ways to adopt and deploy new technologies much more quickly and efficiently. One of the main challenges facing enterprises today is how to simplify the integration of these new technologies and solutions with existing ones.

Learn how Huawei is changing the game and doing things that other vendors simply cannot do.

How remote management helps assure IT infrastructure uptime

by RaritanAug 01, 2012

Maximizing systems uptime is paramount. Implementing remote management solutions can provide savings in operational expenses, faster MTTR, and increased ROI and overall IT uptime. Learn how your company can realize the business benefits of remote management solutions in this white paper from EMA.

Running on Faith - The Risk of Inadequate Network Testing

by SpirentAug 01, 2012

The roster of enterprises that have suffered costly and damaging lawsuits as a result of outages or security breaches would be shorter had those organizations invested in testing a vital, mission-critical foundation of the modern enterprise, the network infrastructure.

Best-practices enterprise network testing includes discovering performance limitations and validating vendor claims during acquisition, performing the due diligence of proof-of-concept for network designs or upgrades, and

Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions from IBM Powerful, agile and simple enterprise resource planning

by IBMJan 16, 2012

IBM provides consulting, implementation and application management services for Microsoft Dynamics AX, a comprehensive ERP solution for midsize and larger organizations that empowers people to work effectively, manage change, and compete globally.

6 Ways to Calculate Returns from your Network Monitoring Investment

by InterMapperJan 13, 2012

All network management teams have two things in common: their budgets are tight and their user communities expect reliable network performance. Financial constraints put all technology investments under a microscope; even technology that ensures network reliability. Depending on an organization's business model, network infrastructure and overall goals, return on investment (ROI) for network monitoring might be realized in five minutes or over five months. This paper outlines the areas in which


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