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The “One Identity” Initiative

by Radiant LogicApr 25, 2022

Over the past 10+ years, much of IT has moved to the cloud including IAM, Customer IAM, and Privileged access management. Enterprises are facing mixed identity infrastructures with the added complexity of multiple IDaaS solutions. TechVision Research has recently released a new report on how to thrive in a hybrid environment which includes: IAM Reference Architecture Considering Hybrid/IDaaS Capabilities of the Hybrid/IDaaS Functional and Technical Landscape Risk Management & IAM

6 Elements of a Solid IoT Security Strategy

by Dark ReadingMay 05, 2022

Shadow IT was difficult enough. The addition of Internet of Things to the enterprise network introduces even more issues because security teams can't inspect and manage the devices. Enterprise defenders need a sound IoT security strategy that addresses asset discovery and management, consistent security policies, and automation.

The report also looks at: How attackers are targeting IoT How BlackBerry is reinventing itself for IoT security How 5G LANs are changing IoT

Five Strategies to Help You Run and Transform at the Same Time

by Micro FocusMay 07, 2022

Accelerating changes in the digital economy are forcing organizations to transform their business models in order to compete. But how do IT organizations embrace these changes to support future aspiration without risking business-as-usual operation?

Read this report to learn:
• How to use a "run and transform" approach to balance short-term needs with long-term opportunities
• Five strategies to streamline on-the-go business transformation

Incorporating a Prevention Mindset into Threat Detection and Response

by Dark ReadingApr 22, 2022

Threat detection and response systems, by definition, are reactive because they have to wait for damage to be done before finding the attack. With a prevention-mindset, security teams can proactively anticipate the attacker's next move, rather than reacting to specific threats or trying to detect the latest techniques in real-time.

The report covers areas enterprises should focus on: What positive response looks like. Improving security hygiene. Combining preventive actions

Practical Network Security Approaches for a Multicloud, Hybrid IT World

by Dark ReadingApr 13, 2022

Cloud computing — encompassing SaaS apps, modular development platforms, and on-demand IT infrastructure — is omnipresent in the enterprise. However, the road to digital transformation in a multicloud setting can be full of speed bumps.

The report covers areas enterprises should focus on for their multicloud/hybrid cloud security strategy: increase visibility over the environment learning cloud-specific skills relying on established security frameworks

The Ultimate Guide to Observability

by LogicMonitorMar 31, 2022

Observability is key to gaining better control and visibility of your organization's applications, networks, and infrastructure. However, it can be challenging to reach end-to-end observability as our infrastructures become more and more complex.

Download this eBook for a deep dive into the meaning of observability, how to reach observability, and what to do once your organization is there.

8 Steps to Achieving O11y

by LogicMonitorMar 31, 2022

Full-stack observability is key to gaining control and visibility of your systems. This guide will walk you through steps needed to reach observability, and how to best utilize your observable system once you're there.

Evolution of IT Research Report

by LogicMonitorMar 31, 2022

LogicMonitor asked 500 global IT leaders from across the globe how their departments are evolving to maintain SLAs and business continuity amidst the 2020 global pandemic.

Understanding DNS Threats and How to Use DNS to Expand Your Cybersecurity Arsenal

by Dark ReadingMar 15, 2022

With attacks and breaches on the rise, enterprise security teams need full visibility over what they have in their network. DNS is a key tool for visibility and asset discovery. Proactive DNS-layer security — such as using DNS data to mitigate threats that network-based controls may miss — is about blocking threats before they compromise the enterprise.

What's Inside: How to Work With DNS Details of a DNS Name Server Hijack Attack Six Common Mistakes in TCP/IP

The 10 "Must-Haves" for OMS Projects

by enVistaMar 09, 2022

With today's dynamic market challenges and continually evolving customer expectations, the ability to deliver a unified and personalized experience to the customer across the enterprise has become imperative. An order management system (OMS) is key to any unified commerce strategy as it is the only solution that drives both top and bottom-line revenue and improves gross margin return on investment (GMROI). This white paper presents the 10 "must-haves" to successfully select an OMS and ensure the


Dark Reading

Dark Reading is a security dashboard for IT professionals who don't have the time or the luxury of combing wirefeeds, multiple bug feeds, or vendor Websites to find out what's new or how well it works. Here, readers will get the latest on the security industry from our crack reporting team, hear directly from trusted voices and links to the best security content across the Web.


enVista is a global software, consulting, and managed services provider, optimizing and transforming physical and digital commerce for the world's leading manufacturers, distributors, 3PLs/LSPs, and omnichannel retailers.

enVista uniquely optimizes and transforms physical and digital commerce — optimizing supply chain efficiencies to drive cost savings, and unifying commerce to drive customer engagement and revenue. These comprehensive capabilities, combined with enVista's market-leading Unified Commerce Platform, Enspire Commerce and the firm's ability to consult, implement and operate across supply chain, transportation, IT, enterprise business solutions and omnichannel commerce, allows mid-market and Fortune 100/5000 companies to leverage enVista as a trusted advisor across their enterprises.

Consulting and solutions delivery are in our DNA. Let's have a conversation.™


LogicMonitor is the leading SaaS-based unified observability and IT operations data collaboration platform for enterprise IT and managed service providers. Gain IT insights, seamless data collaboration at scale, and visibility into networks, cloud, applications, servers, log data and more within one unified platform.

Micro Focus

Micro Focus is one of the world's largest enterprise software providers. We deliver mission-critical technology that helps more than 40,000 customers worldwide manage core elements of their business and IT. With a broad product portfolio, one of the industry's largest patent collections, and a deep inventory of advanced analytics intellectual property, we bring you the innovation necessary to succeed in the rapidly evolving digital economy. That's High Tech. To succeed, you need to bridge existing and emerging technologies so you can balance short-term needs with long-term opportunities. We help you do this by delivering software that is open, integrated, and backward compatible, and by prioritizing your long-term success to help you run and transform your business at the same time. This combination yields lower risk, greater confidence, and a faster return on investment. That's how we keep it Low Drama. Together, Micro Focus delivers the technologies you need, and the outcomes you desire. That's High Tech, Low Drama.

Radiant Logic

Radiant Logic, the enterprise Identity Data Fabric company, provides the cornerstone of complex identity architectures in today's digital world. With Radiant, it's fast and easy to put identity data to work, connecting many disparate data sources across legacy and cloud infrastructures in real-time, without disruption. Their solution creates a solid identity foundation that speeds the success of initiatives, including single sign-on, M&A integrations, identity governance and administration, cloud directory deployments, hybrid and multi-cloud environments, customer identity and access management, and more. From the Fortune 1000 to government agencies, organizations across the globe rely on Radiant to deliver meaningfully faster time-to-value and unprecedented IT agility, while building a secure, future-proof identity infrastructure that meets real-world business demands.