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The Current State of Encryption and Key Management: Where Security Gaps Persist - Strategies for Addressing Them

by SafeNetJan 22, 2015

While encryption has been employed for decades, there has never been a higher need than in todays market with data breaches consistently littering the headlines. As more organizations adopt encryption strategies many questions are posed.

Where is encryption being employed today and why?

Where do security practitioners see encryptions usage increasing?

What do current usage trends tell us about existing security gaps, and how should those weaknesses be

Securing Networked Applications with Cryptographic Segmentation

by CertesApr 02, 2015

The rules and economics of IT security have changed radically in the past two years. Hacking attacks and data breaches are no longer mere nuisances or relatively trivial cases of "cyber graffiti" like in the past. The costs of breach cleanup in only one of the retail breaches last year could easily top half a billion dollars. In another case, a judge has cleared the way for banks to sue a retailer for negligence for letting a breach take place. We have witnessed impacts in terms of company

Principles & Policies of Perpetual Paranoia: The New Rules for Enterprise IT Security

by CertesApr 02, 2015

Enterprise users are putting many more demands on IT security than ever before. At the same time, the IT security architecture is being tested by hackers at unprecedented levels.

In the middle of this "perfect storm" of demands and challenges, how is IT security to cope? How do the stakeholders in network, applications and information security departments gain clarity and alignment to ensure gaps are plugged and compliance needs are met? An emerging best practice is to adopt a

Making the Move from Threat Detection to Remediation Faster

by NopSecMar 31, 2015

Vulnerability risk management is a foundational practice in most information security programs today. In fact, nearly half of organizations agree that it is the most accepted method for deterring cybercrime.

Despite its importance, traditional vulnerability risk management programs are failing. The labor-intensive manual task lists, mountains of static scan data, expanding attack surface brought on by new technologies such as mobile, and other inherent challenges are crippling

Beginner's Guide to Open Source Intrusion Detection Tools

by AlienVaultApr 03, 2015

If you aren't already running network IDS, you should be. Whether you need to monitor hosts or the networks connecting them to identify the latest threats, there are some great open source intrusion detection (IDS) tools available to you. This guide provides an overview of some of the most popular Open Source IDS tools, along with pros/cons of each and learn more about implementing intrusion detection tools.

The Expectation of SSL Everywhere

by F5Mar 16, 2015

SSL is the set of cryptographic protocols that secure data in transit. Today SSL is often the only tool standing between your organization and the bad actors. The stakes around SSL have been upleveled to the limit. Whether or not it's convenient to admit, it's time for organizations to uplevel their overall security posture to protect this last line of defense. Read this white paper to learn how your organization can properly embrace a higher security posture to protect SSL.

Case Study: Everbridge Manages Traffic and Security across Global Cloud Providers and Local Data Centers

by F5Mar 16, 2015

Everbridge, a provider of critical communications services, leverages the cloud to ensure its systems are always available and able to handle sudden traffic bursts. By using a unified F5 solution that includes virtual editions, Everbridge can better manage traffic and security within its own data centers, as well as multiple global cloud service providers. This also provides added scalability and decreases overhead costs. Read the case study to learn more.

Trend Advisor: Hacking Crisis Highlights 'Crypto Chaos'

by CertesFeb 05, 2015

IT departments were battered by a cyber security perfect storm in 2014. While the security community was still rolling in the wake of the Target breach in late 2013, the continuing parade of breaches in 2014 cast a harsh light on inadequate security architectures and poorly implemented security practices.

Enterprise Security & the Mainframe: A Holistic Approach

by CA TechnologiesJan 16, 2015

Ten years ago security breaches were mostly widespread nuisances perpetrated by young script kiddies out for notoriety. Today, they are targeted, sophisticated, and highly damaging. Most are perpetrated by well-funded elements of organized crime, foreign governments, and terrorist groups out for money and a competitive edge. Newer advanced persistent threats (APT's) can penetrate a single victim's network and secretly remain there for months or years, stealing large volumes of valuable

The SAP Security Survival Guide

by OnapsisJan 30, 2015

As a CISO, learn which questions to ask in order to uncover security challenges facing your SAP systems.



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