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5 Reasons VMware vSphere 6.0 is a Game Changer

by Global KnowledgeMay 01, 2015

VMware vSphere 6.0 is packed full of more than 650 technological breakthroughs. It's more powerful, more flexible, more secure and more easily managed than ever before. This white paper focuses on the five main improvements that are the biggest game changers.

A Survival Guide for the Post-PC World

by Digital Service CloudJun 14, 2013

While the PC market faces widespread commoditization and consolidation, business models are changing to embrace economic realities and take advantage of emerging and disruptive technologies. This new business format has a counterbalancing impact on the poor customer service that resulted from commoditization. This disruption is based in cloud computing, and it has impacted the way companies support their customers, and how customers access services.

Find out how your enterprise can

Powering Linux in the Data Center

by Symantec and DLT SolutionsMar 27, 2013

Many IT professionals are drawn by the savings that Linux® brings to the data center but are concerned about the potential uptime and data protection risks that arise from trusting their business-critical applications to "free" or native software. Native Linux solutions also prove challenging with required manual scripting and lack of automated operations and management. For business-critical data center applications, the complete line of Symantec high availability, data protection, backup

IDC Whitepaper: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

by RedhatMay 21, 2012

As the number of virtual workloads surpass the number of physical workloads with the maturing or the virtualization market, IDC data indicates that as many as one third of virtualization customers are planning to use multiple hypervisors over the next year.

This whitepaper discusses why agencies are pursuing a multi-vendor strategy for virtualization software and how Red Hat, with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.0, is quickly emerging as a leading strategic alternative and is moving

Cloud Infrastructure Matters

by RedhatSep 14, 2012

New IT technologies and abstractions, such as cloud computing, layer on top of existing ones.This may make the foundational layers less visible, but they remain just as important (or even more so).

The capabilities of a specific operating system aside, the operating system as a technology layer remains highly relevant in a cloud computing world. It insulates the application from lower-level technology (such as hardware) changes, provides a rich set of services to applications, and

5 Key Backup Features To Ensure A Successful Backup Redesign

by IderaAug 13, 2012

There are five key features that all backup software must now possess to ensure organizations successfully execute on their backup redesign initiatives.

The last few years have seen a monumental change in the backup and recovery landscape, as organizations of all sizes have shifted from tape to disk as their primary backup target. But the adoption of disk in this new role as primary backup is really just the start of a much larger initiative that organizations have yet to undertake: A

Built to Tell the New Holistic Backup Management Story that Companies Want to Hear

by IderaAug 08, 2012

As companies solve their long standing backup challenges they are turning their attention away from reactively managing backups to taking a more proactive, holistic approach to managing their backup infrastructure. In this new world of backup management, tasks that were previously either overlooked or ignored due to the urgency of troubleshooting failed backups are now given the attention they deserve

Milwaukee Electric Tool Turns on the Power of Continuous Data Protection

by IderaAug 08, 2012

Learn how one company, Milwaukee Electric Tool looked to Idera Continuous Data Protection to make the transition from tape-based backup for their virtualized enviroment, and utilizing CDP's robust feature set and high-performance backup solution, met their backup requirements while positioning to move ahead with its Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and disaster recovery plans.

CIO Quickpulse: Drivers for Enterprise Virtualization Diversification

by RedhatMay 21, 2012

A 2011 CIO Quick Pulse study found that nearly 75% of respondents who already have virtualization implemented into their datacenters have either already deployed a second vendor virtualization solution or are planning to. As the virtualization market matures, you would expect an increase in solution offerings through greater competition, resulting in lower product solution costs. Unfortunately, the proprietary virtualization software competitors are doing quite the opposite, driving up the costs

Secure Virtualization with sVirt

by RedhatJun 06, 2012

Red Hat Enteprise Virtualization 3.0 makes implementing virtualized servers easier and more cost-effective, and it won't lock you in. In addition to holding top virtualization benchmarks for performance and scalability of Windows and Linux workloads, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization provides unmatched security.

This paper discusses Red Hat Secure Virtualization (sVirt), the industry's most comprehensive security solution for virtualization. With its unique kernel-level architecture

Digital Service Cloud

Digital Service Cloud: The world's most powerful service platform on the cloud. Harnessing the power of experience with 10+ million service requests and scale, Digital Service Cloud empowers OEMs, Retailers, Telcos, and Global Service Providers to create high value customer relationships.Here is how you can leverage the Digital Service Cloud:Generate new service revenues through customer intelligence and engagement Unmask customer experience driven new service revenue opportunities. Grow and expand your suite of tech support services with predictive analytics that harvest the total revenue potential from a customer.Anywhere and anytime service delivery from the cloud Globally accessible, redundant, and highly scalable service cloud to deliver a consistent experience across multiple contact centers.Highly responsive and automated resolutions for tech support at a lower cost Digital Service Cloud provides rapid access to a collaborative support platform.

Global Knowledge

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