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(At Least) One Thing You Don't Know About Cloud Backup

Jul 03, 2013

You Don't Know the Cutting Edge of Cloud Backup

Once upon a time (say, five years ago), IT departments that sent backups to low-cost cloud file services were ahead of the curve -- mainly because the norm was shipping hard drives and tapes to fireproof safes. Since then, the number and variety of cloud backup options and features have grown significantly. If you're still using cloud backup like a remote FTP site, you're doing it wrong.

In this report, we'll debut results of our new InformationWeek Cloud Storage Survey; all respondents screened in by indicating involvement with management of storage technologies, projects or processes, so they know what they're talking about. We'll also lay out the many benefits that all-size organizations can get from cloud backup services for very little money and effort. You may not know what you're missing. (S7130713)

Survey Name   InformationWeek Cloud Storage Survey
Survey Date   May 2013
Region   North America
Number of Respondents    259
Purpose   To comprehensively assess the current state of cloud storage use in the ­enterprise

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