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Special Report: Edge Computing: An IT Platform for the New Enterprise

Oct 07, 2020

The concept of edge computing is not a new buzzword or trend. It is, in fact, one of the oldest emerging markets. Today, it's clear that the "edge" isn't just about technology but a core strategy that organizations need to adopt.

The edge is a function that enables a business to extract value from the intersection of physical and digital domains. The edge is about processing data where it makes sense and minimizing the burden on the enterprise network. To successfully deploy edge, businesses need to manage the various constraints at the edge including environmental and dimensional issues; latency, network bandwidth, access and management, security, and more. It's about expanding from traditional, centralized architectures to a distributed one and being able to drive business from anywhere.

In this special report by InformationWeek, and sponsored by Dell Technologies, you will learn about:

• The state of edge computing for the enterprise
• The benefits that edge offers to an organization concerned about efficiency and making better decisions faster
• Best practices in implementing an edge strategy
• How edge enables data-driven decisions and the IoT
• The role of cloud in an edge deployment
• How companies can secure and effectively update software in their edge environment
• How edge supports new workflows and better relationships with business units and their customers

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