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IDC Workbook: Cloud Security Roadmap

Oct 03, 2019

Over the past year, the percentage of organizations supporting their business via the public cloud has grown by almost 50 percent. The benefits are clear, but when it comes to cloud security, vendors, consumers, and threat actors alike have had to learn by doing.

Which security tools and workflows can easily adapt themselves to the cloud? Where are the new blind spots and threat vectors? What does cloud actually mean in terms of the breakdown of responsibility between a security vendor and a client?

In this report, IDC compiles learnings and best practices for cloud security under the Shared Responsibility Model, where a public cloud provider secures the underlying cloud infrastructure but users must secure their own operating systems, middleware, applications and data.

You'll learn:
• Which pieces of cloud security fall to service providers vs. users under the Shared Responsibility Model?
• What are the suggested security practices for cloud customers?
• Which technology solutions does IDC recommend for cloud security?

And finally, to help you strategize in real time, the report provides a checklist with questions to ask any cloud security technology solution vendor to help you narrow down which products and services are right for your business.