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Key to Cloud Success: The Right Management

May 13, 2020

A cloud computing strategy isn't some new version of plug-and-play. When your organization signs the contract for use of the public cloud or SaaS application, your path to success with a cloud computing strategy is only just beginning. The real work — and the real benefit — comes with careful and proactive management of the cloud infrastructure and applications. We're talking about performance optimization, managing your providers, and ongoing license management, among other tasks.

That means monitoring usage and seat license management in a SaaS environment, care in configuring containers with an eye to security, cost optimization, deployment of DevSecOps, and more daily and long-term challenges.

This IT Trend highlights some of the steps IT teams can take to keep their cloud environments running in a safe, efficient manner.

Read the report and you'll:

  • Learn about optimizing a SaaS relationship
  • Understand the importance of proper container configuration
  • See the relationship between DevSecOps and cloud success
  • Find out how you can optimize cloud costs in the long term

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