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Leveraging DevSecOps to Secure Cloud-Native Applications

Sep 16, 2020

Application architectures and infrastructure platforms are evolving, but traditional cybersecurity technologies aren't built to protect these new environments. With so much in flux, organizations simply can't rely on traditional approaches to protect their business-critical workloads. Additionally, DevOps is transitioning to a continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) process, further impacting security models.

To explore the impact of these changes, ESG conducted a research survey covering cloud native security trends, how organizations are "shifting security left," and the emergence of a DevSecOps model. Read the survey analysis to learn about:

• Current and future cloud-native security best practices
• Common challenges to watch out for when security apps
• Requirements to secure and deploy apps born in the cloud

Learn more about ESG's core takeaways and recommendations for moving your organization toward a DevSecOps model. You'll find out how to implement tools that automate security via CI/CD integration to protect your future.


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