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The Cloud-First WAN For Dummies

by Aryaka

Oct 19, 2020

The Cloud-First WAN For Dummies, Aryaka Special Edition, consists of five chapters that explore

  • The impact of the WAN on digital transformation and other modern trends
  • Addressing today's digital transformation challenges
  • The critical elements of a cloud-first WAN
  • Use cases for the modern enterprise
  • Key capabilities and benefits of a cloud-first WAN

A well-designed enterprise wide-area network (WAN) can support successful digital transformation initiatives by following cloud-first principles, thus echoing the flexibility, velocity, and simplicity that enterprises have embraced over the past decade with their public cloud deployments. The cloud consumption model, OpEx instead of CapEx, now has an analogy in the networking space. This book is your introduction to the new WAN technology.