Trusteer, an IBM owned company, is the leading provider of endpoint cybercrime prevention solutions that protect organizations against financial fraud and data breaches. Hundreds of organizations and millions of end users rely on Trusteer to protect their computers and mobile devices from online threats that are invisible to legacy security solutions. Trusteer's Cybercrime Prevention Architecture combines multi-layer security software with real-time threat intelligence to achieve sustainable protection against malware and phishing attacks and meet regulatory compliance requirements. Global organizations such as HSBC, Santander, The Royal Bank of Scotland, SunTrust and Fifth Third use Trusteer's solutions and leading online banking providers such as First Data, FIS, Harland Financial Solutions, Intuit and S1 to integrate with Trusteer to provide world-class protection for financial institutions of all sizes.

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Whitepaper: The State Of Advanced Persistent Threats

by TrusteerMar 20, 2014

Sponsored by Trusteer, we are pleased to present the findings of The State of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). This study examines how organizations are responding to a plethora of advanced targeted malware attacks. To ensure knowledgeable participants in this research, we surveyed 755 bona fide IT and IT security practitioners who have involvement in defensive efforts to prevent and/or detect APTs launched against their organization. Sixty-eight percent of these respondents say zero day attacks are their organization?s greatest threats.

Whitepaper: Stepping Up The Battle Against Advanced Threats

by TrusteerMar 01, 2014

The primary approaches used to fight cybercrime over the past several years simply aren't effective. Despite losing some of these battles, we can still win the war. However, a new approach is needed. Trusteer, an IBM company, has pioneered a new cybercrime prevention approach that provides unparalleled protection against spear-phishing, drive-by downloads and advanced, information-stealing malware, which enable targeted attacks, with no management load for IT staff or disruption to end users.

Whitepaper: Test Advanced Threats asset

by TrusteerNov 26, 2013

Webcast: Zero-Day Exploits and APTs: Security Requirements Vs. Operational Challenges

by TrusteerOct 31, 2013

Enterprises are losing the battle against advanced, information-stealing malware attacks. We continuously discover new application vulnerabilities which are quickly exploited by cybercriminals. Traditional blacklisting solutions don't work, and more advanced whitelisting-solutions are unmanageable. How do you overcome the manageability and operational challenges of advanced malware protection?

In this webinar, guest speaker Rick Holland, senior analyst serving Security & Risk Professionals at Forrester Research, Inc., will discuss the security and operational challenges associated with advanced malware protection. Rick will review the technical and operational requirements organizations should consider when looking to prevent and mitigate advanced malware. Dana Tamir, Director of Product Management at Trusteer, will then introduce Trusteer Apex which applies a new groundbreaking approach for stopping zero-day exploits and data exfiltration.

Whitepaper: Evolving Endpoint Malware Detection, Dealing with Advanced and Targeted Attacks

by TrusteerOct 31, 2013

Advanced malware targeting employee endpoints is a major threat to corporate intellectual property, regulated data and financial assets. Perimeter and traditional endpoint defenses are struggling to meet this emerging threat in the face of a changing IT landscape: desktop virtualization, remote access, BYOD and Cloud migration. This whitepaper explains how advanced malware challenges traditional defenses to take advantage of the increased exposure of employee endpoints. It review's the evolution of advanced targeted attacks, the various approaches used to address them and how organizations should think about their current and future malware defense strategy.

Whitepaper: The Rising Threat Of Corporate Cybercrime: Cybercriminal Motives and Methods

by TrusteerOct 31, 2013

Cybercriminals are leveraging vulnerabilities of the Internet, browsers, operating systems, and applications to secretly and proficiently gain access to corporate information assets. Compromising employee endpoints with malware has become the preferred method; a far simpler path into the corporate network than a direct network attack. Our latest white paper discusses the cybercriminal motives and methods, and presents the need for Enterprises to recognize this growing danger and implement technologies that effectively prevent malware, the root cause of cybercrime.

Whitepaper: Test AT test

by TrusteerSep 27, 2013