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Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the worldwide leader in IT that helps companies seize the opportunities of tomorrow by proving that amazing things can happen when you connect the previously unconnected. At Cisco customers come first and an integral part of our DNA is creating long-lasting customer partnerships and working with them to identify their needs and provide solutions that support their success.

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E-Book: Redefining Network Security eBook

by CiscoMay 26, 2021

Today's dynamic applications run everywhere. Now you can keep up. Cisco is redefining network security: We're integrating dynamic policies that protect at the network and workload levels, so you can work more securely.

Read "Redefining Network Security eBook" to learn about:
• How Cisco Secure Workload provides comprehensive visibility
• Why Cisco Secure Workload is the perfect choice when you're adopting a zero-trust model
• How you can enable your NetOps team to start running at DevOps speed

Whitepaper: 3 Tips for Growing Organizations Choosing a Firewall

by CiscoMay 24, 2021

Is your growing organization ready to upgrade to a better firewall? Discover the top 3 tips that will help you jumpstart your journey into selecting the best firewall.

Read "3 Tips for Growing Organizations Choosing a Firewall" to learn about:
• Enhancing your security posture with a firewalling approach
• Reducing cost and administration time with a platform-based approach
• Simplifying firewall management and saving time with cloud-based management

Whitepaper: 5 Tips for Enterprises Choosing a Firewall

by CiscoMay 24, 2021

Investing in a firewall should meet your needs for today and for the future. Learn the top 5 tips for enterprises choosing a firewall to help secure your organization.

Read "Top 5 Tips for Enterprises Choosing a Firewall" to learn about:
• Confidently securing your business with a broad, integrated, and open security platform
• Exploring cloud-based management and how it helps security teams cut complexity and align policies
• Selecting a vendor that supports your team for now and what's next

Whitepaper: The Future of Firewalling: How a Platform Approach Can Lower Security Costs

by CiscoMay 24, 2021

As networks become more diverse and complex, it becomes increasingly difficult for organizations to achieve consistent policy management and enforcement. Cisco's Firewall products can help solve these issues.

Read "The Future of Firewalling: How a Platform Approach Can Lower Security Costs" to learn about:
• The evolution of network security
• What an organization can do to regain control and achieve consistency within their network
• Steps to protect an environment for the future

Research Report: 2020 Forrester Wave for Enterprise Firewalls

by CiscoMay 24, 2021

Cisco firewalls deliver world-class security controls everywhere with consistent visibility, policy harmonization, and unified management.

Read "2020 Forrester Wave for Enterprise Firewalls" to gain insight on:
• Why Cisco is considered a leader in the Firewall industry
• Our superior level of firewall integrations with other technologies
• An unbiased evaluation of Cisco's Firepower Threat Defense (FTD)

Webcast: Making Cybersecurity Work in Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

by CiscoFeb 03, 2021

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) sometimes believe they are too small to be targeted by cyber attackers. In recent years, that idea has been debunked by a wide variety of attacks on SMBs, from simple malware to account takeover. Yet many SMBs cannot take advantage of enterprise security tools and services that are too expensive or complex for their small teams to manage. In this Dark Reading webinar, experts offer tips and recommendations for securing the smaller enterprise, and for implementing simple, affordable tools and best practices that make sense for resource-limited SMB.

Webcast: Getting Your Security Tech Together: Making Orchestration and Automation Work For Your Enterprise

by CiscoJan 07, 2021

If your IT shop is like most enterprises’, you’ve got a ton of tools and processes – but no easy way to tie them together and automate them. How can you pull your existing security systems together to improve your data defenses and speed incident response?