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Whitepaper: The eG Enterprise Suite: The Platform of Choice for Managed Services

by eG InnovationsJan 01, 2008

The paper published by eG Innovations describes about the platform of choice for managed services. The paper focuses on availability and performance management, which is the area of management most often associated with 24*7 monitoring. The paper outlines some of the unique challenges that managed service provider environments pose and describes how the eG Enterprise Suite is uniquely positioned to address this environment.

Whitepaper: Choosing a Monitoring System for Your IT Infrastructure?: What Should Your Key Considerations Be?

by eG InnovationsJan 01, 2008

There are literally hundreds of monitoring solutions out there in the market. Which ones are right for the organization? Many organizations take months assessing different monitoring software and yet find it difficult to differentiate between these products, since most use the same jargon. Proactive monitoring, root-cause analysis, service-oriented user views, customizable reports, auto-correction, event correlation, etc. are buzz words that most vendors use to describe their products. This paper describes different ways to compare and contrast different monitoring solutions and how one can decide what are key the factors needed to consider in deciding a monitoring solution for the infrastructure.

Whitepaper: eG Suite: A Virtual Private Monitoring and Optimization Solution for Multi-Domain IT Infrastructures

by eG InnovationsJan 01, 2008

The eG suite is a virtual, private monitoring solution for multi-domain Internet/Intranet environments. The eG suite is virtual, because it does not involve a dedicated manager per customer. The eG suite is private because although the manager component is shared, this component is designed so as to preserve the privacy that is provided to customers in a dedicated solution. This white paper describes how eG Suite provides solution for Multi-Domain IT Infrastructures.

Whitepaper: Monitoring and Managing Citrix Server Farms

by eG InnovationsJan 01, 2008

Thin-client environments based on Citrix access infrastructure software from Citrix Systems, Inc. have grown in popularity as cost-effective, efficient modes of accessing a variety of heterogeneous applications on-demand. By hosting applications on Citrix MetaFrame Server farms and making them accessible over a distributed network, IT administrators can allow users in different locations to effectively access and share software and hardware resources and licenses.