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Whitepaper: Transforming Technical Support Services with Cognitive Technology

by IBMMar 21, 2016

As global and 24/7 operations become the norm, IT is stretched to find ways to support the business in all regions, at all hours, and on tight budgets. Download this report to learn how cognitive technology helps technical support services deliver accurate and rapid responses to keep up with customer demands.

Whitepaper: 5 Reasons Insurers Should Embrace Cognitive Computing

by IBMMar 15, 2016

Today's digitally savvy insurance buyers want immediate, personalized answers to their questions. In order to meet these needs, forward-thinking insurance companies have begun investigating and deploying cognitive computing solutions. Download this whitepaper to learn how these systems are better able to meet customer expectations.

Whitepaper: Accelerate Your Startup with Cognitive Computing

by IBMFeb 29, 2016

Cognitive technology is tackling the problem of information overload by changing how individuals perform their jobs, engage with others, learn about new topics, and make informed decisions. Download this eBook to learn how forward-thinking entrepreneurs are embedding this technology in their own solutions to grow their businesses.

Infographic: Workload Roulette: How IaaS Takes the Gamble Out of Delivering IT

by IBMNov 17, 2015

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) helps enterprises deliver the right IT resources to today's agile businesses, but success isn't a sure thing. Enterprises must match different workloads to the right IaaS services. This interactive infographic shows how it pays to use IaaS solutions for six important types of workloads.

Infographic: Six Steps to Unlocking a Greater Value from Mobile Devices

by IBMNov 10, 2015

Great mobile apps deliver powerful business benefits. In fact, 58% of customer would purchase products from a company that offers a valuable mobile app. Explore this interactive infographic to learn how to quickly and effectively develop a great mobile app with the "Wow!" factor.

Whitepaper: Transforming the Way Customers and Organizations Engage

by IBMNov 03, 2015

Thanks to the proliferation of mobile, social and cloud-based technologies, customers today have higher expectations that ever. Increasingly, customers want to engage with companies on their own terms, serving themselves through digital channels rather than calling into phone centers. In order to meet the changing demands of their customers, organizations need the right solution that can help them harness the vast amounts of customer data in ways that yield personalized, seamless customer experiences. That solution is IBM Watson Engagement Advisor.

Whitepaper: Advising the Empowered Client

by IBMNov 03, 2015

Empowered clients are changing the wealth management ecosystem by pressuring advisors to develop new ways to personalize offers for a broad range of clients. Those firms that wish to be leaders, particularly in winning the business of younger investors, capitalize on technology to enable their platforms to support stronger client relationships. The key to this transformation is cognitive technologies. Read this whitepaper to see how cognitive technologies are transforming the wealth management landscape.

Whitepaper: Moving From Enterprise Search to Cognitive Exploration

by IBMOct 27, 2015

With Watson Explorer, you can keep enterprise search as the foundation and transform search into Cognitive Exploration. Leveraging technological advances such as deep search and exploration, advanced content analytics, and cognitive capabilities, IBM Watson Explorer provides a unified view of the information you need, combining data from multiple internal silos and a variety of outside datasets including social media. Stop limiting your search to traditional data sources in the new, non-traditional data world.

Whitepaper: Putting Watson to Work for Powerful Information and Insights

by IBMOct 27, 2015

Download this paper to see how Watson and its Watson Explorer application can get down to business and help your organization be more effective, more productive, and make better-informed decisions.

Whitepaper: Explore, Analyze and Interpret Information for Better Business Outcomes

by IBMOct 27, 2015

IBM Watson Explorer is a cognitive exploration solution that combines search and content analytics with unique cognitive computing capabilities to help users find and understand the information they need to work more efficiently and make better, more confident decisions.