Whitepaper: My Sql TC New WP

by BMCApr 17, 2014

Webcast: Consumerization of IT – Self Service Leads the Way

by BMCNov 21, 2013

Whether you call it consumerization of IT or the IT-erization of the consumer, the reality is business users want -- and are finding ways -- to be empowered. They are using technology to stay informed and maintain visibility into their business processing with much greater control than they have ever had and are also performing basic tasks that enable on-time and high quality service.

Unum, a global provider of financial benefits, is a good example of this self-service paradigm. The

Webcast: Simplicity & Usability - New Principles in Workload Automation

by BMCNov 06, 2013

As the data center has evolved, so has the complexity of workflows and business processes. This has led to more stakeholders being involved in defining and monitoring business processes. Now the challenge is managing complex processes while keeping user interactions simple. One solution -- Control-M v8 - is doing just that.

In this webinar, learn from Torsten Volk, senior analyst at market research company Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) and industry veteran Robby Dick about

Whitepaper: Test Asset 001

by BMCMar 22, 2012

Whitepaper: Techweb test asset 433

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Whitepaper: Cloud SLAs

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