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Whitepaper: Simulation Web Services With .NET Technologies

by Universitat TrierJan 01, 2008

This paper published by Universitat Trier describes the concept of web services that represent the next generation of architectures for interoperability between software applications based on software industry standards. This paper focuses on the vital role of industry standards in the definition and implementation of web services and relates this to the opportunities and challenges for similar standards and benefits for interoperability in simulation software.

Whitepaper: TCP-Adaptive Reno for Improving Efficiency-Friendliness Tradeoffs of TCP Congestion Control Algorithm

by Universitat TrierJan 01, 2008

Since TCP has been designed for networks where a packet loss is recognized as a congestion signal, it is well known that TCP suffers from degradation in fast and long-distance networks with non-negligible random losses. It has been recognized that TCP throughput deteriorates in networks with large bandwidth-delay-product and non-negligible packet losses. A number of protocols, such as High Speed TCP, Scalable TCP and TCP-Westwood have been proposed to address this problem. This paper proposes TCP-AReno (Adaptive Reno) to ensure friendliness to TCP-Reno, as well as efficiency in high-speed networks.

Whitepaper: Security Patterns for Web Application Development

by Universitat TrierJan 01, 2008

This research paper presents the context for security patterns, including discussions of design patterns, patterns templates, and the security patterns. It outlines the approach to the security patterns project, and then introduces the security patterns in the repository, along with their abstracts. Next, it examines some of the issues that the paper uncovered during the documenting of and experimenting with security patterns. Finally, it discusses some other related efforts in the security patterns space and presents the tentative conclusions.