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Whitepaper: Specialization, Outsourcing And Wages

by University of CopenhagenJan 01, 2008

In contrast to the standard approach in the literature, authors focus on domestic outsourcing as well as foreign outsourcing. By using a simple theoretical model, authors argue that, if outsourcing is associated with specialization gains arising from an increase in the extent of the market for intermediate goods, domestic outsourcing tends to increase wages for both unskilled and skilled labor. The authors use a panel data set of workers in Danish manufacturing industries, to show that domestic outsourcing as well as foreign outsourcing affects wages. This paper highlights the impact of outsourcing on individual wages.

Whitepaper: Getting Priorities Straight: Improving Linux Support for Database I/O

by University of CopenhagenJan 01, 2008

Established database vendors are promoting Linux as a platform of choice for commodity servers. In addition to crafting marketing messages, they are involved in the evolution of the Linux kernel. Oracle and IBM in particular have argued that kernel support for asynchronous I/O1 was critical for database performance. This research paper shows that the conservative I/O submission policy used by InnoDB (as well as Oracle 9.2) leads to an under-utilization of the available I/O bandwidth. The database storage manager is submitting I/O requests both synchronously (physical reads and log writes that are blocking the query thread) and asynchronously.