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Whitepaper: Brief On The Government Directive On Regulating

by Universite du Quebec a MontrealJan 01, 2008

This research paper from Universite du Quebec a Montreal briefs on the Government Directive on Regulating will neither review nor discuss the specific content of that Directive, but rather will analyze its basis as well as the overall vision it sets forth. Analyzing the premises and general philosophy of the Directive is essential, as the policy direction, objectives, type of regulation and measures introduced all flow directly from them.

Whitepaper: E-Mentoring : An Innovative Solution To Vocational Indecision

by Universite du Quebec a MontrealJan 01, 2008

Uncertainty about career choice can have a considerable effect on adolescent students’ motivation and success. Face-to-face mentoring may benefit to the student because of the emotional support and the first hand learning about work. However, it is known that face-to-face encounters are very limited by constraints of schedule and distance. This research paper describes Academos, an e-mentoring program that enables students to initiate confidential and secure relationship with professionals working in different trades and professions.