Google's innovative search technologies connect millions of people around the world with information every day. Founded in 1998 by Stanford Ph.D. students Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google today is a top Web property in all major global markets. Google's enterprise products make your users more productive by combining the innovation and ease of use of Google's consumer products with the features, security and support that your organization requires.

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Whitepaper: Email in the Cloud? A Comparative Cost Analysis

by GoogleNov 17, 2010

According to Forrester, "Google is setting a new price floor on email and archiving costs." Download the independent research report comparing the costs of email from Google and other providers.

Whitepaper: Best Practices for Converting from Lotus Notes/Domino® to Google Apps

by GoogleNov 17, 2010

This whitepaper takes a detailed look at the ins and outs of converting from Lotus Notes to Google Apps. Offering a helpful 10-step process for evaluating and implementing Google Apps, the document also covers issues such as cost savings and how to present a solid case to Senior Management.

Whitepaper: Security Whitepaper: Google Apps Messaging and Collaboration Products

by GoogleNov 17, 2010

This paper will explain the ways Google creates a security-based platform for offering its Google Apps products, covering topics like information security, physical security and operational security. This exploration will demonstrate how security is an integral component of Google?s cloud computing system, as well as a core element of Google?s design and development processes. The policies described in this paper are detailed as of the time of authorship. Some of the specifics may change

Whitepaper: The Case For Third-Party Archiving In Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

by GoogleNov 09, 2009

The archiving capabilities in Exchange 2010 are a good start, but they are more or less a first-generation offering that will not satisfy the needs of many organizations, particularly those in mixed environments. As a result, most organizations will still need the varied capabilities provided in third-party archiving solutions that will support Exchange 2010 and earlier versions of Exchange, as well as other mail and collaboration systems. This white paper has three primary goals: educate

Whitepaper: Google Message Security

by GoogleSep 01, 2009

Google Message Security, powered by Postini, is a secure, hosted service that provides enterprise-grade spam and virus protection and e-mail content filtering. Google Message Security lets you secure your inbound and outbound e-mail from spam, viruses, phishing, and other e-mail-borne threats, and enables you to set central e-mail policies to manage content and compliance requirements. It even allows you to receive e-mail messages if your server goes down. Google Message security delivers

Whitepaper: Google Message Discovery

by GoogleAug 01, 2009

Google Message Discovery, powered by Postini, is a secure, hosted service that provides enterprise-grade spam and virus protection, as well as comprehensive e-mail archiving for organizations looking for cost-effective e-mail management and significant advantages over onsite server or media-based e-mail archiving. Google Message Discovery lets you?create a centralized and searchable e-mail repository for your organization, allowing you to?quickly search across the archive to find e-mail and

Whitepaper: Nucleus Research ROI case study with Google Message Discovery

by GoogleFeb 01, 2009

A leading medical products provider adopted Google Message Discovery, an on-demand message discovery service, to improve productivity of its IT staff, avoid hardware costs, and improve its ability to rapidly and thoroughly perform email searches. Nucleus calculated the costs of software and personnel over a 3-year period to quantify the company?s total investment in Google Message Discovery.

Whitepaper: The Case for Universal Search

by GoogleNov 01, 2008

With an estimated 40% of the world?s information residing behind a firewall, the value of enterprise search is increasingly evident. Research has shown that knowledge workers can spend up to 25% of their work time just looking for information, and 40% of employees report that they cannot find the information they need to do their jobs. To be productive, employees need to be able to quickly find key information across your organization no matter who created it or where it resides. Google

Whitepaper: Enterprise Findability Without the Complexity

by GoogleOct 01, 2008

With the clutter of information inside enterprises today, effective findability is fast becoming a necessity. Users are asking for it and executives are demanding it as ?instant information? becomes increasingly critical to business productivity. In fact, a recent AIIM survey revealed that 62% of respondents saw findability as ?imperative or significant? to their overall business goals and success. Only 5% reported that it wasn?t a factor.

The increasing importance of data

Whitepaper: Comparing Google Message Security And Leading Messaging Security Solutions

by GoogleFeb 01, 2008

This white paper presents market research from a survey of organizations that are using Google Apps Security and Compliance Solutions, as well as solutions offered by nine other leading vendors. The goal of this research was to determine how organizational decision-makers perceive the offerings with which they are most familiar, and to determine if there are quantifiable differences between Google?s solutions and those offered by the other vendors. The research found that with Google Message