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Whitepaper: Towards a Service-Oriented Ad Hoc Grid

by Philipps-Universitat MarburgJan 01, 2008

Service-oriented grid computing focuses on the unification of resources through virtualization, to enable on demand distributed computing within a preconfigured environment. Organizations or inter-organizational communities willing to share their computational resources typically create a centrally planned grid, where dedicated grid administrators manage the nodes and the offered grid services. This paper presents the idea of a spontaneously formed, service-oriented ad hoc grid to harness the

Whitepaper: Model Driven Development of Service-Oriented Grid Applications

by Philipps-Universitat MarburgJan 01, 2008

The Model Driven Architecture (MDA) approach to software development promises to reduce costs and increase reliability and flexibility of such complex distributed systems. This paper introduces an MDA approach to service-oriented Grid application development and its prototypical implementation. To enable a better separation of development concerns, the paper proposes a subdivision of the Platform Specific Model (PSM) into two parts, separating application functionality and Grid logic.