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Sonata Software, headquartered in Bangalore, India, is a leading IT consulting and services company. Sonata's customers are located across the US, Europe, Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region. Its portfolio of services includes IT Consulting, Product Engineering Services, Travel Solutions, Application Development, Application Management, Managed Testing, Business Intelligence, Infrastructure Management and Packaged Applications. As per the industry rankings released by NASSCOM for 2008-09, Sonata Software figured among the Top 20 IT Software Services Exporters in India for the second consecutive year. Sonata Software has also been ranked Global #2 in the 2008 Top Ten ESO: Outsourced Software Development in The Black Book of Outsourcing.

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Whitepaper: test nwc whitepaper

by Sonata SoftwareDec 15, 2011

Whitepaper: Internationalization of Java / J2EE Applications

by Sonata SoftwareAug 10, 2010

This White Paper discusses what is meant by internationalization of an application and the approach followed by Sonata for internationalization of Java / J2EE applications. Furthermore, it also explains what is meant by globalization of an application and the factors underlying it.

Whitepaper: Choosing the Right SaaS Product Development Partner

by Sonata SoftwareAug 10, 2010

With a majority of ISVs adopting an offshore model for their product development needs, immediate impediments can be addressed by choosing a right-sized offshoring partner. However, choosing a right-sized partner involves its own set of challenges. But some best practices are available that can help ISVs choose the right offshore partner. This White Paper discusses some parameters that should be considered by ISVs while choosing a partner for on-demand applications.

Whitepaper: Sonata Develops Web Site For Retail Estate

by Sonata SoftwareFeb 17, 2010

In this detailed report, the customer and its end customers required a Web selling application (commonly known as Web in Shops) for retail estate for a market leader in travel and tours coordination. Sonata Software explains how it replaced the company's existing applications with a single Web selling application.

Whitepaper: Sonata Helps Deliver OPD Services

by Sonata SoftwareFeb 17, 2010

The customer, a leading provider of innovative BI and revenue integrity solutions to the airline industry, was looking for an OPD partner that could develop new products and also provide services for offshore maintenance of products cost effectively. Sonata used Quantified Agile+ to meet these requirements of the customer.

Whitepaper: Accessing Information On Mobile Devices

by Sonata SoftwareFeb 15, 2010

The customer, a leading provider of end-to-end software solutions for accessing information on mobile devices, wanted to facilitate secure communication between mobile devices and enterprise applications. The company also wanted its mobile e-mail client software to be tested against two operating systems: Symbian S60 and WM 6.0. Sonata developed three applications on Symbian S60 for the customer and also tested the mobile e-mail client software against Symbian S60 as well as WM 6.0. This report provides the details.

Podcast: Podcast On Performance And Data Management

by Sonata SoftwareJan 15, 2010

Performance and data management strategies are crucial today, especially in a fast-changing business world. Sonata Softwares features this podcast on performance and data management to provide insights in keeping up with times.

Podcast: Podcast Details 10 Things You Should Know Before Implementing ERP

by Sonata SoftwareJan 01, 2010

ERP can be essential to many businesses. Yet many questions arise about how to proceed. Sonata Software's podcast focuses on the top 10 things you should know before implementing ERP.

Whitepaper: Towards Developing Secure Web Applications

by Sonata SoftwareJun 12, 2009

This White Paper discusses how to develop secure Web applications and their importance. It explains the threats and vulnerabilities associated with Web application security, and ways to avert and overcome them. The paper also gives details of some security models for Web applications and dwells into the best practices for development of secure Web applications.

Whitepaper: The Agile Advantage

by Sonata SoftwareJan 22, 2009

This white paper discusses the significance of Agile Testing, principles underlying Agile Approaches and the various processes involved in Agile Testing. It also draws a comparison between the Traditional and Agile Approaches of software development and testing. For an easier understanding of the subject, it also includes a case study.