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Whitepaper: Gartner: Get Past the Confusion surrounding Hybrid Cloud

by NetAppDec 17, 2013

In the already overhyped cloud computing market, hybrid cloud computing is emerging as the next big thing. To get past the hype, IT leaders should assess how hybrid cloud computing fits into their road maps, and determine which of its many forms makes sense (and which don't) for their enterprises.

This informative resource provides insight into getting past the confusion surrounding hybrid cloud computing. Find out how to move toward an accurate understanding of this technology and discover how to leverage it for success in the future. Read on to learn more.

Whitepaper: Estudo de caso da Orange Business Services: uma empresa de telecomunicacoes se reinventa para a era da nuvem

by NetAppDec 17, 2013

Quando as projeçôes de receita de seu setor caem, como vocè pode escapar e continuar crescendo? Saiba como a Orange Business Services aproveita o storage da NetApp para se reinventar, tornando-se um fornecedor de serviços em nuvem e superando sua ambiciosa meta de receita de nuvem de � 500 milhões até 2015.

Whitepaper: Private Cloud: It's More than Just Virtualization

by NetAppDec 17, 2013

This white paper from Forrester Consulting reviews the core functionality required to maximize private cloud benefits and provides some best practices for enterprise cloud deployments.

Whitepaper: DCIG 2013 Private Cloud Storage Array Buyer's Guide

by NetAppDec 17, 2013

The DCIG 2013 Private Cloud Storage Array Buyer's Guide assists organizations in making decisions about which storage solution to use as a private cloud platform for some or all of their critical applications. This Buyer's Guide covers private cloud storage arrays with capacities that have maximum capacities in the hundreds of terabytes to those that have the potential to scale into the exabytes of storage capacity.

This informative guide represents months of rigorous research that your organization can leverage to kick start its evaluation process. Read on to learn which private cloud array will qualify as best-in-class for your company.

Whitepaper: Best of Breed Private Cloud with NetApp and Windows Server 2012

by NetAppDec 17, 2013

Many organizations have adopted virtualization as a standard for server workloads. But virtualization has not proven to be the "game changer" many organizations had envisioned. IT departments face huge challenges related to server sprawl, which has actually increased with virtualization.

Although virtualization has brought benefits beyond the physical paradigm of one operating system per server, the true optimal infrastructure for organizations comes with adopting a private cloud infrastructure.

Check out this white paper to learn the benefits of a private cloud and discover how deploying one private cloud solution can provide:
� Consolidated resources
� Flexible services
� Easy provisioning of new environments

And more

Whitepaper: Small and Midsize Business Storage TCO Calculator

by NetAppSep 22, 2013

See how you can lower costs and increase the efficiency of your midsize IT environment

Whitepaper: Denver Broncos

by NetAppSep 22, 2013

Learn how efficient NetApp IT empowers the Denver Broncos to invest in the future by providing asychronous disaster recovery and data protection.

Whitepaper: NetApp FAS2240 - An Inside Look

by NetAppSep 22, 2013

This article takes an inside look at the unique design features of the NetApp FAS2240, including: Integration of controllers within NetApp SAS disk shelves; I/O and performance enhancements; New resiliency and availability features.

Whitepaper: Ten Smart Things to Know About Storage

by NetAppSep 22, 2013

Learn about trends, developments and tips to make your storage environment more efficient.

Whitepaper: Deploying Flash in the Enterprise

by NetAppMay 03, 2013

Flash is quickly emerging as the preferred way to overcome the nagging performance limitations of hard disk drives. However, because flash comes at a significant price premium, outright replacement of HDDs with flash only makes sense in situations in which capacity requirements are relatively small and performance requirements are high. Learn how deployment approaches-including hybrid storage arrays, server flash, and all-flash arrays-that combine the performance of flash with the capacity of HDDs can be cost effective for a broad range of performance requirements.