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Webcast: Resilience and Reinvention: Enterprise IT in 2022

by InformationWeekDec 09, 2021

Resilience and Reinvention: Enterprise IT in 2022

The IT infrastructure solutions that enterprises hastily deployed in 2020 appear to still be holding fast in 2021, as they await relief from “a return to normal.”

However, in 2022, many businesses will begin making real IT investments again: to address both growth opportunities and harsh realities—sustainability, cybercrime and hybrid workforces keep the pressure high; automation and AI promise solutions that, in turn, create new challenges.

In this virtual event, attendees will learn about the global trends that will shape IT around the world in 2022 (and how IT could shape

Research Report: The State of the Cloud 2021

by InformationWeekOct 29, 2021

The 2021 InformationWeek State of the Cloud Report reports that while most organizations have adopted hybrid or multi-cloud strategies, they are keeping the overall number of cloud vendors low. Our research shows that companies are shifting some spending away from private cloud into public cloud. However, this approach results in two big concerns: potential security issues and cost overruns. Download the report today to learn more about the key benefits and challenges to Cloud usage today.

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Research Report: End-to-End Automation: A Game Changer for Improving Workforce Efficiency

by InformationWeekOct 28, 2021

The success of an overall end-to-end automation strategy depends upon a careful selection of the right business and IT processes to automate, an astute selection of hyperautomation tools and platforms, and a coherent and measurable approach to end-to-end automation that makes sense to IT, end users and management. Download this report to find out more about automating and streamlining business and IT work.

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Webcast: Getting SASE: What Every Enterprise Should Know

by InformationWeekOct 27, 2021

Over the past two years, the concept of secure access service edge (SASE) networking has taken the IT industry by storm, causing many enterprises to rethink their network architectures and their fundamental approach to wide area network security.

This unique, information-packed event looks at some of the key strategies an IT organization will need to consider as it moves into the SASE generation of technology and services. Leading SASE technology developers, service providers, and IT practitioners who have pioneered this new wave of networking and how it works in real-world IT environments will provide their latest insights and recommendations.

Webcast: Cloud Security Architecture: Designing a Trusted Framework

by InformationWeekOct 14, 2021

Numerous factors are converging to weaken the castle-and-moat approach to cloud security. In its place, zero trust architectures are becoming increasingly popular to help companies defend against diverse attack vectors including insider threats. But where is the line between zero trust and overburdening users? This virtual trade show will feature a range of keynotes, presentations and educational content to help you design a trusted cloud security framework.

Webcast: Defending Against Ransomware

by InformationWeekSep 16, 2021

The average ransomware payment nearly tripled in 2020, a startling trend that shows no signs of stopping. As ransomware attacks evolve from economic nuisance to national security threat, a powerful response is needed from government and organizations alike. This virtual event will explore the best ransomware defense strategies and tools on the market today. 

Webcast: Managing Your Enterprise Collaboration Platforms

by InformationWeekAug 19, 2021

The work-from-home revolution has raised the profile of enterprise collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack. While a boon for productivity, these platforms introduce a host of management challenges such as integration with internal systems, managing groups, and security. Attend the virtual trade show to learn the latest tips and tricks for managing and securing your enterprise collaboration platforms.

Research Report: State of DevOps 2021

by InformationWeekJul 29, 2021

The chaos of the pandemic and increasing cyberattacks meant that organizations put some DevOps adoption plans on hold temporarily. However, teams that had already embraced the approach saw efficiency and application improvements.

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Research Report: Monitoring Critical Cloud Workloads Report

by InformationWeekJul 12, 2021

With the proliferation of cloud computing in the IT enterprise, and with companies moving more mission critical applications to the cloud, it's important for the IT organization to provide a level of trust to the business that those workloads are being adequately monitored for security threats. And while many companies understand that need and are making strides, there are still too many situations where the inability to monitor in real time opens up the enterprise to damaging business results. In this special report, our experts will discuss how to advance your ability to monitor critical workloads as they move about the various cloud platforms in your company.

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Research Report: 2021 IT Salary Survey

by InformationWeekJun 28, 2021

Today IT professionals are coming off one of the most turbulent years in memory driven by the pandemic and the economic fallout of that crisis. How has all this impacted IT salaries? Did IT workers get a raise amid the chaos?

Here's what you need to know so that you can plan your next career steps and maximize your salary.

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