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Research Report: The State of Cloud Computing - Fall 2020

by InformationWeekOct 23, 2020

As businesses scrambled to adapt to the unprecedented level of disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it became clear that the increased use of cloud resources was the key to maintaining business operations. Businesses must be more digital than ever just to survive. Although emergency cloud implementations are not sustainable over the long term, cloud services are an integral tool to helping businesses achieve their goals.

Download InformationWeek's State of Cloud Computing - Fall 2020 report to compare how cloud usage and spending patterns have changed, and how respondents think they'll evolve over the next two years.

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Research Report: Special Report: Edge Computing: An IT Platform for the New Enterprise

by InformationWeekOct 07, 2020

The concept of edge computing is not a new buzzword or trend. It is, in fact, one of the oldest emerging markets. Today, it's clear that the "edge" isn't just about technology but a core strategy that organizations need to adopt.

The edge is a function that enables a business to extract value from the intersection of physical and digital domains. The edge is about processing data where it makes sense and minimizing the burden on the enterprise network. To successfully deploy edge, businesses need to manage the various constraints at the edge including environmental and dimensional issues; latency, network bandwidth, access and management, security, and more. It's about expanding from traditional, centralized architectures to a distributed one and being able to drive business from anywhere.

In this special report by InformationWeek, and sponsored by Dell Technologies, you will learn about:

• The state of edge computing for the enterprise
• The benefits that edge offers to an organization concerned about efficiency and making better decisions faster
• Best practices in implementing an edge strategy
• How edge enables data-driven decisions and the IoT
• The role of cloud in an edge deployment
• How companies can secure and effectively update software in their edge environment
• How edge supports new workflows and better relationships with business units and their customers

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Digital Editorial Content: Enterprise Automation: Do More with Less

by InformationWeekAug 12, 2020

In this IT Trend Report, we highlight the benefits of automation and the various tools as enterprises navigate turbulent times, try to do more with less, keep their operations running, and stay on track with digital modernizations.

Read the report and you'll:

  • Learn how robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are being infused to automate business processes.
  • Understand how cloud is enabling autonomous systems
  • Gain insights on how best use RPA (and the mistakes to avoid)
  • Find out how to best manage the human-machine workforce

Research Report: Special Report: Why Performance Testing is Crucial Today

by InformationWeekAug 05, 2020

Now is not the time to let technical issues add more disruptions to your operations. Whether you maintain a high-volume, ecommerce storefront or an application your customers rely on, performance testing solutions can help organizations spot and mitigate potential trouble spots. There are many options available and it is easy to get lost searching for the right solution.

This special report will help enterprises determine what they should expect from performance testing solutions and how to put them to work most efficiently.

In this special report, you will learn:

  • Key differences and options between open source versus proprietary performance testing solutions
  • What is at stake in the absence of updated performance testing
  • How organizations should determine which performance testing solutions fit their needs
  • How organizations should determine which performance testing solutions fit their needs
  • What testing parameters and capabilities should organizations prioritize. Ways that can automation in testing can improve the awareness and response time

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Research Report: 2020 State of DevOps Report

by InformationWeekJul 31, 2020

Enterprises are quickly moving to DevOps in order to deliver higher quality software faster, and DevOps is maturing a result. However, having the right DevOps tooling isn't enough. A solid DevOps initiative must also have the right culture and processes in place, because people tend to be the biggest barrier to any type of organizational change. The 2020 State of DevOps reveals where the advancements are happening and why, as well as where the challenges remain.

Download the 2020 State of DevOps Report today to learn more about the key tools and technologies being utilized, and how organizations deal with the cultural and process changes that DevOps brings. The report also examines the barriers organizations face, as well as the rewards from DevOps including faster application delivery, higher quality products, and quicker recovery from errors in production.

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Digital Editorial Content: Key to Cloud Success: The Right Management

by InformationWeekMay 13, 2020

A cloud computing strategy isn't some new version of plug-and-play. When your organization signs the contract for use of the public cloud or SaaS application, your path to success with a cloud computing strategy is only just beginning. The real work — and the real benefit — comes with careful and proactive management of the cloud infrastructure and applications. We're talking about performance optimization, managing your providers, and ongoing license management, among other tasks.

That means monitoring usage and seat license management in a SaaS environment, care in configuring containers with an eye to security, cost optimization, deployment of DevSecOps, and more daily and long-term challenges.

This IT Trend highlights some of the steps IT teams can take to keep their cloud environments running in a safe, efficient manner.

Read the report and you'll:

  • Learn about optimizing a SaaS relationship
  • Understand the importance of proper container configuration
  • See the relationship between DevSecOps and cloud success
  • Find out how you can optimize cloud costs in the long term

Research Report: The State of IT Operations and Cybersecurity Operations 2020

by InformationWeekApr 28, 2020

Conventional wisdom about today's data centers holds that IT operations and security operations centers (SOCs) are separate organizations staffed by separate teams using different technologies. But in practice, IT operations and cybersecurity operations are often tightly intertwined, involving overlapping functions and a wide range of common challenges. The good news from this year's survey is that business leaders are becoming much more cognizant of the cybersecurity threats they face. In response, many are assigning more responsibility to their security teams. However, CIOs will need to carefully shepherd their teams through these changes to ensure that everyone continues working as a unified group.

Download the 2020 State of IT Operations and Cybersecurity Operations report from InformationWeek, in partnership with Dark Reading, to learn more about how today's IT operations teams work with cybersecurity operations, what technologies they are using, and how they communicate and share responsibility--or create risk by failing to do so.

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Research Report: 2020 State of Enterprise IT Report

by InformationWeekMar 31, 2020

Digital Transformation Shapes IT Trends

The pace of innovation continues to accelerate as organizations become increasingly digital. IT investment, cloud computing, AI and analytics, along with a renewed focus on customers and business partners, are helping IT secure its strategic position in organizations. IT leaders aren't just considering but are implementing emerging technologies and concepts such as new cloud computing uses, a shift to analytics-driven decision making, and applications based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Download this report from InformationWeek today to learn more about how companies like yours are investing in emerging technologies to drive IT innovation.

Research Report: 2020 State of Infrastructure Report

by InformationWeekFeb 14, 2020

Forecasts indicate that spending on digital transformation will reach $2 trillion by 2022. And, to support major new initiatives, organizations are investing in their infrastructure today, with an eye toward building a digital infrastructure for tomorrow. In this special report, you'll learn about key trends around overall spending, impacts on workforces, factors driving change, investment in innovation, key areas of infrastructure, and much more.

Digital Editorial Content: IT Careers: Tech Drives Constant Change

by InformationWeekFeb 12, 2020

Advances in information technology and management concepts mean that IT professionals must update their skill sets, even their career goals on an almost yearly basis. Tech concepts such as outsourcing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, data analytics, cloud, and DevOps are changing the game for every IT pro.

In this IT Trend Report, experts share advice on how IT pros can keep up with this every-changing job market, including:

  • In-demand skills
  • Where to go for advice on getting a raise
  • Some of the emerging job types available to IT pros
  • How to step up onto an IT leadership path