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Whitepaper: Using Linux Guests as Layer 3 Routers Between Guest LAN and Hipersocket LANs

by Sine Nomine AssociatesJan 01, 2008

This paper provides a short (and simplified) example of using a host system IP stack as a IP packet router between two or more network segments. This example network is a common configuration used with Linux on zSeries configurations where a Linux guest is used as a router between a hardware hiper socket LAN and a z/VM guest LAN, and is generic enough to provide an example of the major issues with using Linux guests as layer 3 routers.

Whitepaper: A Comparison of HP BladeSystem With Thermal Logic Technologies to Competitive Systems

by Sine Nomine AssociatesJan 01, 2008

Hewlett-Packard Corporation has introduced a line of blade server products with a radically redesigned power and cooling system. The ""HP Thermal Logic"" power and cooling system represents a new approach that significantly reduces the power consumption and required airflow for data centers requiring fully-featured, high-density servers. This paper from Sine Nomine Associates presents a laboratory study comparing ""HP Thermal Logic"" blade server power and cooling design versus a competitive blade platform as well as two traditional 1U rack servers, and evaluates the power consumption and cooling performance of each system under a workload that simulates a light and heavily-utilized data center.