Whitepaper: Gartner Report: Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Endpoint Backup

by DruvaMay 29, 2013

This analyst report rates the critical capabilities for the two common use cases: mobile and office-centric workforces.

With this complimentary report you can:

? Discover the critical product capabilities that matter
? Learn about the unique backup needs of the mobile and office-centric workforces
? See how the top backup vendors compare

Whitepaper: 8 Must-Have Features for Endpoint Backup

by DruvaMay 29, 2013

Ensure corporate data is secure and protected by choosing an endpoint backup solution with the eight features in this whitepaper.

Whitepaper: Top 10 Endpoint Backup Mistakes And how to avoid them

by DruvaMay 29, 2013

Backing up and protecting sensitive corporate data has become more challenging because of several trends: exponential data growth, the rise in endpoints, BYOD, and SaaS applications. Avoid the following ten endpoint backup mistakes to ensure that your critical corporate data is protected and end user productivity is improved.

Whitepaper: Quantifying the Value of a Unified Approach to Endpoint Data Management

by DruvaNov 26, 2012

This study by the Ponemon Institute determines the value of cost savings and productivity improvements to an enterprise from a unified approach to endpoint backup, data loss prevention, secure file sharing, and analytics. It also provides estimates of the value per user, and the value per endpoint.

The report quantifies benefits of a unified solution for endpoint data management by:

•  Defining five categories of cost savings and productivity improvements

Whitepaper: Quantifying the Value of Unified End-point Data Management

by DruvaNov 15, 2012

In this paper, we provide a framework that estimates the value of a solution that integrates endpoint backup with data loss prevention, secure file sharing and analytics. Our framework assumes corporate value isgenerated from two sources - namely, cost savings and productivity improvements. While this research is sponsored by Druva, our analysis and determination of total value is independently conducted by Ponemon Institute and, hence, is not a product endorsement.

Whitepaper: IDC Tech Spotlight: Benefits of Unified Endpoint Data Management in Embracing BYOD

by DruvaNov 06, 2012

End users now access critical corporate data on personal devices and use consumer-grade web applications for work-related tasks, making it difficult for IT to fulfill one of their most important responsibilities: keep enterprise data secure.

Download the full IDC report to learn the impacts of this trend, as well as the benefits of unifying the often discreet IT functions of data protection, security, storage, and collaboration.

Whitepaper: Empowering Endpoints: Unifying Data Protection and Collaboration

by DruvaSep 09, 2012

This white paper presents the IT challenges caused by an increasing mobile and collaborative workforce and discusses how Druva can solve these challenges.