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Whitepaper: A Case for Assessing Your Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW) Readiness: Driving Competitive Advantage Through Increased EDW Maturity

by Athena IT SolutionsJan 01, 2008

Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW) has never been more important for creating a competitive advantage in business. This common foundation provides all the data the enterprise needs, across applications and divisions, with accuracy, clarity, and trust. This white paper of Athena IT Solutions discusses why businesses are turning to enterprise data warehousing, the issues it helps mitigate, the business solutions it provides, and the technology enablers that one should seek in EDW. It also provides a framework for assessing the EDW readiness, and highlights survey results from real-life customers to shed light on the state of organizations.

Whitepaper: Ten Principles for Increasing the Business Value of Your Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Investments

by Athena IT SolutionsJan 01, 2008

Business intelligence and data warehousing projects need to be driven by business value. These projects no longer succeed by merely having the most data or functionality. There are many nontechnical aspects to these projects that determine their success or failure from a business perspective. These ten reasons are some of the prime considerations to either turn a BI program into a success or expand an already successful program into a much greater business value for an enterprise.