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Whitepaper: The Leading Platform for Model Driven Architecture (MDA)

by Interactive Objects SoftwareJan 01, 2008

ArcStyler is one of the leading software development tools for Model Driven Architecture (MDA) It is a cross-platform, standards-compliant environment, fully implemented in Java, for the design, modeling, generation, deployment and management of high-quality, industrial strength applications of any size for architectures based on Java/J2EE and .NET as well as custom infrastructures and existing legacy platforms. ArcStyler enables companies to build and integrate software applications in a highly automated and industrialized manner: It bridges the gap between business and technology by automatically transforming business models into working software applications.

Whitepaper: Application Modernization & Legacy-to-SOA

by Interactive Objects SoftwareJan 01, 2008

This paper analyses different possible strategies for legacy application modernization and transformation, and describes a concrete decision making framework. Because the classical approaches to legacy modernizations have shown many limitations in the past. It also describes an innovative legacy transformation approach which combines selective automation with Model Driven Architecture (MDA), allowing for more flexible transformation strategies and sourcing models, and providing future proof results. MDA harvesting allows to parse targeted areas of a legacy system, and to automatically transform the parsed information into UML models.