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Whitepaper: ILOG Gantt for .NET: Accurate, Interactive Charts for Planning and Scheduling

by ILOGJan 01, 2008

This paper is published by ILOG describes that ILOG Gantt for .NET brings this graphical standard for planning and scheduling charts to the .NET Framework. It comes with a complete set of Windows and Web form controls to enable developers to create fully functional Gantt charts in minutes with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET or Borland C# Builder. Most of the development is done graphically, and users can work with their preferred .NET languages, including C#, J#, Visual Basic .NET and Managed C++.

Whitepaper: ILOG solutions for insurance

by ILOGApr 01, 2006

Policies, procedures and regulations dominate the insurance industry, but implementing them is a challenge. Today, a combination of manual and paper-intensive processes that are time consuming and inefficient, as well as hard-coded rules embedded in multiple systems that are difficult to change and maintain, are driving up costs for insurance companies. In the current environment, quotes or settlements can take weeks. Business logic or rate changes can take months. Introducing new products and services seems to take forever. Furthermore, offering a consistent level of service across customer touchpoints and establishing best practices for claims handling or underwriting policies is a daunting task. Leading insurance companies worldwide rely on ILOG�s advanced business rule management system (BRMS) to reduce their underwriting and claims leakage costs, enhance operational efficiency by optimizing processes, and improve customer retention and acquisition. With ILOG BRMS, insurance carriers go beyond basic automation, to enabling intelligent decisioning throughout their core processes and across lines of business, whether for underwriting, policy administration, claims processing or billing. In addition, ILOG software is the technology of choice for building cutting-edge applications such as configuring and recommending customized health plan packages and life products, fraud detection, e-claims and online delivery of insurance quotes. ILOG solutions have a proven track record of reducing development time and risks while delivering high ROI.