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Whitepaper: Exploring The Value Of Online Product Reviews In Forecasting Sales: The Case Of Motion Pictures

by University of MarylandJan 01, 2008

The growing popularity of online product review forums invites the development of models and metrics that allow firms to harness these new sources of information for decision support. This research paper contributes to a better understanding of how such metrics adds value to firm decision support and proposes a novel family of revenue forecasting models that are tailored to the entertainment industry and tests their performance in the context of early (opening weekend) post release motion picture revenue forecasting. The value of online product review metrics is demonstrated for purposes other than assessing consumer sentiment about a product.

Whitepaper: XPod - A Human Activity and Emotion Aware Mobile Music Player

by University of MarylandJan 01, 2008

With close to 1.5 billion cellular handsets in use and worldwide sales last year of over 500 million units, mobile phones are by far the most prevalent mobile device. This white paper considers the notion of collecting human emotion and activity information from the user, and explores how this information could be used to improve the user experience with mobile music players. In particular, this paper proposes a mobile MP3 player, XPod, which is able to automate the process of selecting the song best suited to the emotion and the current activity of the user.

Whitepaper: The IT Revolution: Applications and Strategies for Transgeographic Learning and Academia in the Twenty-First Century

by University of MarylandJan 01, 2008

Digital technologies are closing spatial and temporal gaps while engendering expansive new international communities. Replete with symbolic interactions, these transgeographic communities inspire new realms of educational possibility, allowing educators and learners to broaden perspectives through intellectual discourse and collaboration while eradicating cultural divides. The Summer Ecosystems Experience for Undergraduates (SEE-U) is a superior model of how such technology can be used to this end. Available to colleges and university students worldwide, the SEE-U program operates at three geographically distinct locations concurrently.

Whitepaper: Managing RFID Data

by University of MarylandJan 01, 2008

RFID technology has gained significant momentum in the past few years, with several high-profile adoptions (e.g., Walmart.) In addition to applications in retail and distribution, RFID technology holds the promise to simplify aircraft maintenance, baggage handling, laboratory procedures, and other tasks. RFID tags have recently been used to monitor patients in their homes, in order to alert medical workers when abnormal conditions are observed. This research paper presents a brief introduction to RFID technology and highlights a few of the data management challenges.

Whitepaper: Estimating Auction Revenues For The Proposed Fcc Sale Of 3g Spectrum

by University of MarylandJan 01, 2008

This research paper examines three of approaches to estimate the revenues of the proposed 3G spectrum auction; recent broadband spectrum auctions in the US and Europe, a bottom-up calculation value based on discounted cash flows, and recent large spectrum trades in the U.S. The most recent U.S. broadband spectrum auction, FCC Auction 35, occurred at the recent apex of revenue growth in the wireless industry was peak of the telecommunications bubble. Prior spectrum auctions highlight the uncertainty in spectrum prices and the dependence of prices on financial positions and the number of serious bidders relative to the number of blocks offered.