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Whitepaper: Remote/Mobile Worker

by PingtelJan 01, 2008

With the advent of IP voice communications, it is now possible for IT organizations to enjoy significant benefits in delivering IP based voice remote/mobile worker solutions. SIPxchange ECS is ideal for providing full PBX functionality to any location with a high-speed or broadband connection. In addition to traditional PBX features, SIPxchange provides remote workers with an extensive list of advanced IP telephony features and the ability to easily add new features over time, regardless of their location. Remote workers can continue to use their corporate extensions and dial plans wherever they have high-speed access.

Whitepaper: Open Source IP Communications

by PingtelJan 01, 2008

Pingtel?s new Enterprise Communications Model, based on Enterprise-grade open source software, empowers Small-to-Medium-sized Businesses (SMB) with the ability to decide when and how to use Voice-over-IP (VoIP) technologies. Businesses can choose to use the Enterprise-grade VoIP solution at any stage in a deployment, whether it?s in conjunction with an existing traditional-phone system, an upgrade to another vendor?s VoIP system, or a new build; technologies and vendor solutions can be mixed and matched.