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Whitepaper: Why is Backup Broken?

by SyncsortNov 01, 2011

A new UBM TechWeb research study sponsored by Syncsort confirms that backup has become increasingly challenging for IT professionals as new technologies such as virtualization and the cloud emerge, and data continues along a hockey-stick growth trajectory. Meanwhile, IT budgets have remained down or flat. The result: Backup windows keep getting longer and longer, while end users - who have little or no tolerance for downtime - are demanding successful, quick restores.

Whitepaper: Backup Express and Network Appliance: A Better Backup and Recovery Solution

by SyncsortJan 01, 2008

This paper gives overview of the benefits and advantages that disk-based incremental backup can bring to almost any storage environment. Whether used alone or in conjunction with more traditional methods, this next-generation technology significantly speeds and simplifies the backup and restores process. The combined benefits of disk-to-disk backup, continuous block-level incremental backup and synthesized base backups yield the drastic reductions in RPO and RTO that are the benchmark of success.