PhoneFactor is a leading provider of multi-factor authentication. The company's award-winning platform uses any phone as a second form of authentication. PhoneFactor's out-of-band architecture and real-time fraud alerts provide strong security for enterprise and consumer applications. It's easy and cost effective to set up and deploy to large numbers of geographically diverse users. PhoneFactor was named to the Bank Technology News FutureNow list of the top 10 technology innovators securing the banking industry today and was a finalist in the SC Magazine Reader Trust Awards.

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Whitepaper: Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery Data Centers: Selection Criteria

by PhoneFactorAug 02, 2010

In a world where both natural and manmade disasters can strike at any moment, large companies must have a business continuity/disaster recovery plan to ensure survival through even the darkest times. But it's important to select the right BC/DR facility to meet the organization's specific needs. Learn the right questions to ask when choosing your BC/DR facility.

Whitepaper: Security For Online Banking That Users Want and Will Pay For

by PhoneFactorJan 05, 2010

A Harris Interactive study reveals how online banking customers perceive the current level of security provided by their financial institutions and their willingness to adopt additional security measures. Key findings point to an opportunity for financial institutions to leverage PhoneFactor, a unique phone-based authentication solution, to increase customer loyalty and win new business.

Whitepaper: Remote Call Center Security

by PhoneFactorFeb 05, 2009

Call centers continue to move toward the cost-effective business model of at-home agents to maintain an onshore work force, but there is an increased risk of a security breach associated with at-home workers operating on their own equipment across unknown networks.

Depending on the industry served, call centers must meet any number of strict standards for maintaining password security. Many two-factor authentication systems are difficult and expensive to implement and administer, leading to limited adoption.

Learn how truly secure, cost-effective two-factor authentication can be easily implemented and supported within a remote call center environment.

Whitepaper: Tokenless Two-Factor Authentication: PhoneFactor

by PhoneFactorFeb 05, 2009

While two-factor authentication is effective security, traditional two-factor systems have been difficult to implement and administer, leading to limited adoption. With PhoneFactor, any mobile phone (or landline) can be used as the second authentication factor. PhoneFactor CTO Steve Dispensa explains how this technology works, how to implement it, and how it compares to other two-factor authentication solutions.

Research Report: IT Security & Authentication: Key Concerns

by PhoneFactorFeb 05, 2009

As we implement this year's security initiatives amidst a steady economic downturn, it is more critical than ever to reflect on both our success and our lessons learned. This survey identifies IT professionals' key security concerns in 2008 and discusses how implementations could be simplified, particularly with the use of a phone as the second factor of authentication.