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Whitepaper: Greening the Data Center: The IT Industry�s Energy Efficiency Imperative

by Advanced Micro DevicesJul 22, 2008

Discover the findings of a recent study from the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories about the billions of dollars spent annually in energy costs to power servers, cooling and auxiliary infrastructure equipment. This presentation also will outline issues relating to energy efficient technology and environmental stewardship in the data center.

Whitepaper: AMD Athlon XP Processor Model 8 Data Sheet

by Advanced Micro DevicesJan 01, 2008

This paper is published by Advanced Micro Devices. The paper describes about AMD Athlon XP Processor Model 8 Data Sheet. The paper summarizes the AMD Athlon XP processor model 8 QuantiSpeed architecture. The AMD Athlon XP processor model 8 with QuantiSpeed architecture powers the next generation in computing platforms, delivering extreme performance for Windows XP. The contents of this paper are provided in connection with Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (?AMD?) products.

Whitepaper: Convergence of Web and Enterprise Applications Demands a New Paradigm

by Advanced Micro DevicesJan 01, 2008

The new components for the client/server computing model came with myriad standards and protocols and, coupled with the opening of the Internet for commercial purposes, pushed the previously well-ordered enterprise IT environment to the brink of chaos. There the enterprise IT environment remained until the evolution of the TCP/IP communication standard that not only seamed together the disparate fragments but also made them, working together, more powerful than they’d ever be standing

Whitepaper: It Takes an Ecosystem to Make a Dual-Core Platform

by Advanced Micro DevicesJan 01, 2008

This white paper provides an overview of the breadth and depth of the AMD64 ecosystem from both a hardware and software perspective, and highlight areas where IT practitioners should pay special attention as they plan their system infrastructure. The paper shares views regarding the significance of the industry’s new focus on dual-core and multi-core processors, and what this shift means for buyers and users of computing systems.

Whitepaper: It Takes an Architecture to Make a Multi-Core Processor

by Advanced Micro DevicesJan 01, 2008

This paper explains that multicore technology is not a tide that lifts all processors equally. AMD was proud of that achievement, but even as it basked in the glory of the moment, its architects and engineers were laying the groundwork for the next era of computing performance - an era that would include 64-bit multicore processors that leave a 1GHz AMD Athlon processor in the dust. An era that would focus on true performance, rather than megahertz. Today, looking back over the past five years,

Whitepaper: It Takes Advanced Microprocessor Technology to Make a Modern Datacenter

by Advanced Micro DevicesJan 01, 2008

Many IT organizations struggle to remain afloat in a sea of servers, each of which is dedicated to running a single application. This paper explores how a combination of dual- and quad-core processors, advanced virtualization technologies, and highly scalable four- and eight-way industry-standard servers may be used to create datacenters with fewer physical machines that use less power, generate less heat, and do more work, while simplifying the tasks of those who must build, install, operate,

Whitepaper: It Takes Advanced Manufacturing Technology to Make a Native Multi-Core Processor

by Advanced Micro DevicesJan 01, 2008

For more than 37 years, AMD has contributed to advancements in semiconductor manufacturing technology. This white paper shares some of the approaches that position AMD among the leaders in the industry. First, it explores how its patented APM (Automated Precision Manufacturing) technologies enhance the speed, accuracy, and agility of production facilities (known in the industry as ""Fabs""). AMD realizes that no vendor has a monopoly on good ideas, and has partnered with the best and the

Whitepaper: Device Driver and BIOS Development for AMD Multiprocessor and Multi-Core Systems

by Advanced Micro DevicesJan 01, 2008

This paper explores the specific challenges faced by architects, developers and testers working in a multicore environment, with specific attention paid to device driver and BIOS issues that now affect uniprocessor devices as much as they affect multiprocessor devices. Many of the points in this paper are presented from a uniprocessor computing perspective, as developers in this domain may have less experience working with multiprocessor systems. However, these technological issues are

Whitepaper: Building Next-Generation Telecom Equipment Based on the AMD64 Processor Family

by Advanced Micro DevicesJan 01, 2008

This paper describes the changing landscape facing Telecom Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs) and provides the reader with a detailed overview of the AMD Opteron processor and a brief overview of the Mobile AMD Sempron and AMD Turion 64 processors. Examples are given showing how the AMD Opteron processor’s features and benefits can help solve the challenges of building next-generation telecom equipment. The paper concludes with an overview of the extensive hardware, software and development

Whitepaper: Multi-Core Processors: The Next Evolution in Computing

by Advanced Micro DevicesJan 01, 2008

Multi-core processors plays a central role in driving important advancements in PC security and virtualization technologies that are being developed to provide greater protection, resource utilization, and value for the commercial computing market. General consumers, too, will have access to greater performance than ever before, which will significantly expand the utility of their home PCs and digital media computing systems. Multi-core processors exemplify AMD’s vision to understand